Pixley Pool at Pixley Pools FisheryPixley Pools Fishery

off the A4172
HR8 2QD (Pixley Pool)
HR8 2QA (Glebe Pool)

Tel: Robert Bartha on 07802 402399 (mobile)

New pegs and pathways enhance Pixley Pool

The new pathway at Pixley PoolThe new pathway on Pixley PoolOne of the new pegs on Pixley Pool

Work is under way on the installation of a new access ramp at Pixley Pool and on the construction of new wooden platform pegs and a new stone pathway all around the lake. The improvements are designed to improve access and fishing at Pixley during wet weather.

Steve scores a personal best with a 23lb Pixley common

Steve Ayres with his 23lb 1oz commonHereford angler Steve Ayres fell just 1lb short of his personal best on his first visit to Pixley Pool when he landed this 23lb 1oz common from Peg 22. Altogether Steve caught eight carp for over 60lbs during his session, float fishing two pieces of corn in the margins on 10lb prologic camo line with a size 10 sweetcorn hook.

Afterwards Steve, who works at Barbury Castle Stables in Swindon for racehorse trainer Alan King, said: "Overall this was the best day I've had for a long time and I recommend it to anyone. I will be returning very soon!"

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Pixley Pool at Pixley Pools FisheryPixley Pools is a well established carp fishery comprising two separate pools which are located less than half a mile from each other off the main A4172, just a short drive from the historic market town of Ledbury.

Both pools - Pixley Pool and Glebe Pool - are large irrigation lakes which were built to supply water to adjoining fruit fields. For many years they were run by Brian Powell of Three Counties Fisheries but, together with the two Redbank Pools on the outskirts of Ledbury, were taken over by a new owner at the beginning of 2012 who is already greatly improving the waters by making improvements to the access to the pools and installing purpose-made hard pegs.

A nice Pixley Pool commonAnglers should note that fishing on Glebe Pool is available for members only at £50.00 per year and that fishing on both pools is only available for over 18 year olds.

Whilst Pixley Pool is a superb pleasure fishery offering a good stamp of carp for anglers of all abilities, it is also an outstanding match venue where the match record currently stands at a staggering 524lbs. It is fair to say that if you can't catch at Pixley Pool you can't catch anywhere.

One match regular says a good technique is to fish just the two top sections of a pole in the margins with sweetcorn, feeding the swim regularly. Describing the match fishing on Pixley Pool as 'a fish race', he said the quality of the fishing can be judged by the fact that anglers need 20 fish an hour to be in with a chance of winning!

Pixley Pool at Pixley Pools FisheryThe two Pixley Pools can be found as you drive along the A4172 from the Trumpet crossroads towards the delightfully named village of Little Marcle. The entrance to Glebe Pool is the first you come to, being found on the right directly opposite Pixley Court Berries exactly half a mile after the Trumpet crossroads and traffic lights and just before the sign for Pixley Church.

Drive down the track to the car park at the end on the left and walk along the track to the right which runs along the edge of the fruit field. Continue through the gap in the hedge and you will see the steps leading up to the pool in front of you slightly to your left.

Another nice Pixley Pool commonPixley Pool is four tenths of a mile further along the road towards Little Marcle, the entrance again being just before the sign for Aylton. The entrance to the pool can be found at the end of the car park track to your right.

The gates to both pools are controlled by a combination lock so anglers need to telephone the fishery owner on 07802 402399 to obtain the combination. Day ticket fees for Pixley Pool are collected on the bank.

On the pole at Pixley Pools FisheryBoth pools are very attractive and provide unspoiled fishing in natural surroundings as they are set amidst fruit fields and virtually surrounded by trees. There is a path around both waters leading to clearly marked pegs which give anglers plenty of room for large nets and tackle. The pegs on Pixley Pool have recently been upgraded to provide hard standings for anglers whilst a new bridge has been constructed on Glebe Pool to enable anglers to fish from the island. Work is also being carried out to create new hard standing pegs on Glebe Pool.

In addition to offering day tickets, Pixley Pools also offers a season ticket which provides unlimited fishing - apart from when there are matches - on all four waters at a cost of just £50.00 a year. Membership includes exclusive fishing on Glebe Pool.

Glebe Pool at Pixley Pools FisheryMembership runs for 12 months from the date it is taken out. Day/membership tickets and match bookings can also be obtained through Fishtastic, Unit 5, Block A, Holmer Trading Estate, College Road, Hereford HR1 1JS (Tel: 01432 350808).

Fishing is available on Pixley Pool from 5.00am until dusk but night fishing is not allowed. Juniors under the age of 18 are not allowed on any of the waters. Keepnets are allowed only in matches but apart from this there are few rules and no bait bans. All that is asked is that anglers enjoy their fishing, respect the fish and leave their pegs tidy.

2015 Ticket costs

Ticket type
All anglers (over 18s only)
Day Ticket
(max two rods)
Four Pool annual membership
(max two rods)

For Health and Safety and security reasons all anglers must contact Robert
on 07802 402399 before fishing
Fishing is from 5.00am until dusk

Pixley Pool is surrounded by treesPixley Pool

Pixley Pool is a very attractive tree-lined pool about three acres in size with 23 clearly marked grass pegs. It is stocked predominantly with common carp which average about 8lbs in weight but which are caught to the mid-20s, although several years ago a fish of 32lbs was caught, weighed and witnessed. There are also a decent number of mirror carp which are about the same size as the commons.

Looking along Pixley PoolThe sides of the pool are slightly undercut and drop straight to a flat and even bottom. Depths vary as there is a damn wall at the road end of the lake where you will find eight feet of water. Out from the opposite side of the pool the water is very shallow and gradually slopes off to about four feet some 14.5 metres.

Because the pool is used to irrigate the adjoining fruit fields water levels can fluctuate, dropping by as much as two feet in typical summers although the levels remained unaffected in 2012 because there has been so much rain.

Pixley is good for serious carp anglersPixley is a popular club match water and as a result can sometimes be fairly busy at weekend, although anglers will be told of any pending matches when they ring to obtain the number for the combination lock. It is usually quiet mid-week. As there are no particular 'hot pegs' it does not matter where you fish around the lake you still stand a good chance of catching.

Indeed, one pleasure angler recently reported that he had over 500lbs of fish in a one day sitting and when visited the site another said he had taken 12 carp between 9lbs and 12lbs in less than four hours.

Another shot of Pixley PoolPictured left is John Merchant who caught this nice 18lb specimen.

Ian Exall who fishes for Browning West Wales has been a regular match and pleasure angler at Pixley Pool for a number of years and is one of several anglers who regularly travel from Wales as they know big weights are virtually guaranteed.

Ian said: "Pixley Pool has always been a bagging water. Best methods in matches are usually shallow on the pole with casters or pellet and down the edges on corn." Matches can be won from any peg as the fish are constantly moving around the lake, he added.

Pixley is also a great match venueThe six hour match record currently stands at 498lb, taken by David Crandon of Heads of the Valley AC, who fished pole and paste down the edge. According to Ian you need to take a lot a bait in summer as the fish are ravenous.

Good weights can also be had in winter feeding sparingly using a straight lead and corn pleasure anglers have a lot of success using floating baits with dog biscuits being a favourite as they sort out the bigger fish which can usually be seen cruising on the surface. Pleasure bags of over 300lb are not uncommon.

Pixley is also a great match venueFishing the waggler is obviously easiest from midway along the pool up to the top end where the water is shallowest.

Whilst most anglers fish on the bottom, carp can also be taken mid water or near the surface with maggots and casters both proving reliable baits. Bread and sweetcorn are also popular as are paste and hooker pellets.

A peg at the far end of Pixley PoolAnglers who opt to fish modern carping techniques use hair-rigged pop-up boilies with two to three feet of coated braid to keep the line on the bottom and tangle free. An in-line free running swim feeder is also good methoid, again when fished with boilies, soft hooker pellets, a bunch of maggots or one or two kernels of sweetcorn.

Whichever technique you favour you do not need to fish large hooks with Size 10 or even 12 being popular and successful with most anglers. However, it is important that you go equipped with a fairly large nets, an unhooking mat and a weighing sling if you intend to weigh your catch.

Some more shots of Pixley Pool carp lake near Ledbury

Glebe Pool at Pixley Pools FisheryGlebe Pool (Members only)

A similar water to Pixley Pool but with fewer trees and shrubs on the banks, Glebe Pool opened for fishing in May 2012. As a result, all the fish are in immaculate condition, most never having been caught before.

Glebe Pool is stocked almost entirely with common carp which average about 5lbs but which are known to run to 15lbs with some regulars saying they believe it holds fish to 30lbs.

Looking back towards the entrance from the far end of Glebe Pool at Pixley PoolsAlthough there was only one peg on the pool until 2012, tree clearance and tidying of the bankside vegetation means the water can now accommodate a dozen anglers on 12 grass pegs which are clearly marked.

Depths vary throughout the pool, the water being about six feet deep along the bank by the entrance steps, about 15 feet deep out from the left hand bank and nine feet deep at the far end. There is also an 18 feet deep channel which runs from the left hand corner of the pool as you come onto the water to a point mid way along the far end bank.

Glebe Pool at Pixley Pools FisheryGlebe Pool is in the process of being developed as a specimen pool and as a result fish stocks will be changing over the coming months. We will be including more details and photographs when this has been completed.

Techniques for fishing Glebe Pool are much the same as those used for fishing Pixley Pool with fairly strong pole or waggler tackle recommended for float anglers and tip or baitrunner tackle for ledgering further out. As with Pixley Pool there is no need to fish at a distance as plenty of carp can be picked up close in. 0

Some more shots of Glebe Pool carp lake near Ledbury

How to get there...

Click on the map for more detailPixley Pools Fishery can be found a short drive off the A438 road between Ledbury and Hereford. Anglers traveling from further afield can reach the fishery from the M5 motorway.

On leaving the motorway at Junction 7, go right at the motorway roundabout at the end of the slip road and then left at the next roundabout. Go straight over the next four roundabouts following the signs for Hereford. At the next roundabout take the A4103 signed Hereford and continue along here going though Leigh Sinton, Storridge, Stiffords Bridge, Fromes Hill and Five Bridges until you come to the crossroads and traffic lights at Newtown where the A417 crosses the A4103.

Turn left onto the A417 and continue to the next set of lights at the Trumpet crossroads. Go straight over the lights and follow the directions in the introductory paragraphs at the top of this page.

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