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Passies opens Pamela's Lake

Passies Pond now has a third lake - Pamela's Lake, which has 21 pegs and is well stocked with carp ranging from 1lb 8oz to 12lbs, making it perfect for beginners and more experienced anglers alike.

Two Passies Pond carpNominated an Angling Trades Association 'Centre of Excellence' in 1998, Passies Pond was dug in an area of spring waters in the lowland of the Adur Valley and provides coarse angling on two lakes which are suitable for disabled anglers.

There are car parks and toilets on site and access is via a private roadway which is open only to anglers.

Whilst keep nets are allowed, anglers are requested not to use them to retain carp because of their hooked fins, or fish over 1lb in weight.

Plenty of cover from the fish for anglersIn addition to the angling, there is also an on-site tackle shop which is open most days from 9.00am and which carries a selection of accessories and baits such as pastes, luncheon meat, sweetcorn and a small stock of maggots. Casters and larger quantities of bait can be ordered from the shop in advance.

As well as catering for pleasure and match anglers, Passies Pond also caters for Corporate events.

The fishery is open all year round from dawn until dusk in summer and from 7.00am until dusk in winter. Day tickets are obtainable from the on-site hut and anglers are requested to place the correct fee in the envelopes provided, write their name and car registration number on the outside of the envelope and place it in the wall safe.

Ticket costs (mid March - end of October)

Evening (after 5.00pm)

Ticket costs (November 1 - mid March)

Day or part day

The above rates are for one or two rods
24-hour tickets are available at the bailiff's discretion for £20.00

Passies Pond Main LakePassies Pond Main Lake

About five acres in size and with 50 permanent pegs, the Main Lake has many features to fish to and has been designed to eliminate hot spots so that anglers have an even chance of catching wherever they fish on the water.

For the most part the Lake is about four feet deep near the bank with a deeper channel which runs up to nine feet deep through the middle.

The Main lake opened in 1990 and can be fished from dawn 'till dusk in the summer and from 7.00 am until dusk in winter. This is an ideal water for pleasure anglers because no club matches are held on it and there is no pre-booking of pegs.

Stocked with Mirror, Common and Ghost Carp up to over 20lbs, tench to 10lbs, Perch to 4lbs, and decent Crucian Carp, roach and rudd, the water also holds a fair head of chub which are for the most part in the 3lbs to 5lbs range, although larger fish to 7lbs have been caught.

Ideal for pleasure anglersBecause the Main Lake is generally shallow it is a popular waggler and pole fishery, although anglers wanting to reach greater distances use either weighted floats or feeder.

However, fishing at distance is only really required for those after the chub and these anglers generally tend to fish close to the island using swimfeeder and double floating maggot.

To get the desired effect you need a pot or jar with an inverted lip in which you can soak maggots for a couple of minutes. The inverted lip prevents the maggots from escaping from the pot.

Once the maggots have been soaked they should float and a couple of any colour on the hook and a few mixed with groundbait and ordinary maggots in the feeder usually do the trick. Stop the feeder about four feet from the hook and you should be in with a chance of some decent chub.

Fishing close in usually does the trickFor most other species fishing close in usually works. The carp are frequently caught near the bank - as are the big tench - with the carp liking luncheon meat, either bread flake or floating crust, flavoured sweetcorn and carp pellets - boilies, trout pellets and chum mixer are not allowed. Early in 1999 an 18lb 7oz pure white Ghost Carp was taken. Although fishery owner Trevor Passmore has seen several carp over 20lbs, the 20lb mark has yet to be breached.

The tench are particularly fond of worms, so fishing a nice Dendrabaena or pieces of sweetcorn over a bed of chopped worms in any of the pegs near the reeds is a favoured technique. This also works well for the perch with many specimens between 3lbs and 4lbs being taken this way in the 1998 season.

The Crucian Carp average about 1lb 8oz but run much larger. Indeed, already in 1999 a 3lbs 4oz specimen has been taken. The crucians tend to favour float-fished bread punch or bread flake fished either on or just off the bottom.

Waggler fishing four or five rod lengths out tends to result in catches of roach and skimmers which often reach 30lbs-plus. The best catches are usually taken on maggot or caster.

Passies Pond Match LakePassies Pond Match Lake

About six acres in size and with 68 permanent pegs which have been spaced a minimum of 15 metres apart, Passie's Match Lake has been designed like a canal and is available for clubs, corporate events, school or group days when arranged with the Centre of Excellence. It is also super for day-ticket fishing when not being used for competitions.

A nice net of fishThe fishery has been constructed in such a way as to provide good sport in both summer and winter and is stocked with commons and mirrors between 4oz and 10lbs, bream to 6lbs, quality tench to 5lbs and roach, chub and perch.

Built next to the Main lake, the Match Lake runs to six feet at its deepest point with the bottom of the lake having been shelved to enable both pole and waggler fishing with legering when the conditions require.

The platforms are large enough to accommodate tackle boxes and the lake has been designed to allow 14-metre poles to reach the far bank on most pegs, although the bigger carp are often taken by anglers who turn around and fish close in to the near bank using worm, luncheon meat or sweetcorn!

For anglers who have never match fished the lake before a good starting point is to use the long pole fishing caster and maggot on the far bank. For the carp and tench chopped worm work well whilst the deeper water in the middle holds the bream which need groundbaiting to get going.

Large size map of Passies Pond Fishery

How to get there...

Passies Ponds are located on the Coombes Road between Lancing College and Steyning, opposite the Old Shoreham cement works.

For further information visit the Coombes Farm web site.

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