Herefordshire youngsters sign up for angling qualification

More than 20 Herefordshire children have signed up to become involved in a project which will give them one of angling's new qualifications.

Mark EacockExperienced tutors and coaches will work with the children aged over nine years during four weekends in March and April. Worcester Angling Academy Centre manager Mark Eacock (right), the brainchild behind the Herefordshire initiative, said the project was designed to help those taking part to develop new skills and techniques and give them ownership of this and future projects.

"All candidates will be encouraged to work with their peers and people older than themselves, which will develop and enhance their social skills," he added.

Children from nine to 13 years old will work towards an accredited qualification, while those aged 14 and over will study the Sports Leaders UK Level 1 course.

The project will also train six new Level 1 assistant coaches who will work towards volunteer coach status. The volunteers will study topics including, risk assessment, planning and session planning. Each of the 10 sessions will start at 9.00am and run until 3.00pm.

Lunches, refeshments, fishing tackle, bait and course materials will be provided on each of the days. Free transport will be provided to children without transport with the pick-up and drop off point being Hereford Bus Station.

More information about the project is available from Mark Eacock on 01905 8300033 or 07765 565778; or e-mail:

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