Temple Lake Produces a 30lb Ghost

Keith with his Lake Record GhostieNew Specimen Carp Member, Keith Pepper fishing his first session on Temple Lake, has been rewarded with a beautiful Ghost Common weighing 30lb 6oz, a fishery record for a ghost and a new personal best for Keith.

With cold weather forecast for the weekend, Keith chose to fish the deep water at the southern end of the lake from Peg 9. Opting to fish hook baits only with no loose feed, Keith fished a single 14mm Solar Top Banana boilie out to a 10-foot deep channel which runs close to the island.

Following two heavy frosts on the Friday and Saturday nights, it was Keith's first run of the session and, following a good fight, Keith finally netted his new PB around 1.00pm Sunday in very bright sunny conditions.

Bury Hill Fishery owner David de Vere said: "Having checked the electronic tag number on the fish I know this is the only Ghost in Temple Lake, which was stocked on the November of last year from our rearing pond when it weighed 23lb 9oz. Having increased its weight by almost 7lb in less than a year, and with other fish caught in recent weeks showing similar growth rates, we fully believe that a number of the fish stocked at this time are also now over 30lbs, leaving one to imagine just how many unknown thirty's the lake now holds".

Anglers requiring further information should contact David de Vere on 01306 877540.

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