PETA targets angling matches with 'Robo Carp'

PETA Activists opposed to angling are to launch a campaign to disrupt angling matches and other tournaments using what they describe as a remote controlled device named Robo-carp.

According to PETA Campaign Co-ordinator Lauren Bowey, Robo-carp emits loud noises, thereby scaring away all the fish and "saving them from horrible injuries and deaths on anglers' hooks".

According to a post on our Discussion Board, Lauren Bowey is reported to have said: "We already have team leaders for the following three tournaments, and they would love to have your help! Please contact me right away if you want to get involved."

The targeted matches include Saturday, April 8 at The Oaks, Sessay, near Thirsk, North Yorkshire; Saturday April 15 at Wylands Snake Lake near Battle in East Sussex and Wednesday, April 19 at Barford Lakes near Norwich.

Anglers are being encouraged to be vigilant and if such a remote controlled device, in the shape of a fish is spotted in the vicinity of there fishing swims, anglers should without force confiscate this device, disable it and hand over to the police of E.A beliefs and report the incident, along with informing the owners of fisheries, as theses fanatics will have made un-authorised access to the fisheries and should be ejected.

According to PETA, scientists have been working on the robotic fish for several years.

Sarah Thomson, who runs Barford Lakes, one of the three targeted fisheries, said: "Although we take this talk of Robo-carp and planned action with a pinch of salt - it may just be scaremongering on behalf of PETA - we will obviously be keeping an eye on the situation and, if necessary, advise the police accordingly to make them aware of the threats of possible interference with the match."

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