Survey shows a third of adults in England have tried fishing

A survey of 13,000 people carried out for the Angling Trust has revealed that a third of the adult population of England have tried angling at least once and of those about half have some interest in doing it again.

The Angling Trust surveyThe survey also showed that angling attracts higher than average numbers of disabled people. It also revealed that 61 per cent of anglers who responded started fishing before they were 10 years old and that a third go fishing more than 40 times a year.

Forty per cent of the anglers surveyed also said their most important reason for going fishing was to relax and de-stress.

The survey also showed that:
89 per cent of those anglers surveyed would like to do more fishing whilst 70 per cent of current anglers said combining angling with other activities would encourage them to go fishing more often.
Nearly 46 per cent said that events where family can do other things would also encourage them to go fishing more often.
70 per cent said they would like to combine angling with short breaks or other activities.
24 per cent said that social media to find people to fish with and places to fish would encourage them.

According to the Angling Trust the survey continues its work to position angling as an even more attractive option for the UK's increasingly time-pressed, aging and financially challenged population so that they can become part of angling's £1 billion contribution to the English economy and the 37,000 jobs it sustains.

The Angling Trust surveyThe Trust also says the report will help to shape its strategy to boost fishing over the next few years and will play a key role in shaping future programmes to help people start to fish, improve facilities for disabled anglers, encourage more people to come back to the sport and to get out by the waterside more frequently.

The research highlights how fishing is an activity that can be done with family to relax and unwind, be close to nature and have fun with friends, as well as enjoy the personal challenges associated with catching a fish. The results of the research also endorse the Angling Trust's refocus on tactics that incorporate new and social media to reach people who may not have recently considered fishing, but who would love to combine it with other sports and pastimes, or include angling as an option in their holiday time.

Copies of the report can be downloaded as a .pdf file from:

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