Government in court action over pollution of protected waters

The Angling Trust, Fish Legal and WWF-UK are in the High Court today fighting a judicial review of the government's failure to stop agricultural pollution degrading 44 rivers, lakes and estuaries which are specially protected areas in England.

The AT said: "We believe that the government was required by the EU's Water Framework Directive to stop this ongoing pollution in these sites by 2015. They haven't done this and so we're taking them to court."

It added: "We have been working on this case for the past six months and it's a key part of our 'Save Our Salmon' campaign, but if we win it will benefit all species of fish in our precious rivers and estuaries.

"We will be holding a fundraising event for the campaign early next year, and we need auction lots to sell at the event. Please contact us if you can donate a few days' fishing or anything else appropriate!

"As a result of our pressure, the government is holding a Salmon Summit today and Mark Lloyd will be giving a presentation at the summit setting out what needs to be done to restore salmon stocks."

Find out about the Angling Trust and its work at or call 01568 620447.

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