Bluebell hits the spot with 53lb 4oz

Northamptonshire's Bluebell Lakes reinforced its position as one of the UK's top specimen fisheries when Swindon's Kev Hewitt landed one of the venue's biggest fish which tipped the scales at 53lbs 4oz.

Fishing Swan Lake, the England international had already caught a brace of forties earlier in the year but desperately wanted to catch Dave, Bluebell's biggest fish. His dream came true during a two-night session which also netted him featured three twenties and fish of 30lb 14oz, 33lb 10oz and 34lb 12oz.

"It's a new personal best and the best session I've ever had," said the Hinders store manager.

"I got into the swim late on Sunday and fished the same spot I fished on Bank Holiday weekend. The first take was the big one, just before first light on Monday morning. It weeded me up and I jumped in the boat and managed to get it free. When it got up on the surface I didn't think it was that big, but it looked like Dave. I had a little chuckle to myself and thought 'It's miniature Dave, I've caught a smaller version of Dave'.

"I was still chuckling to myself when I got it back to the swim and realised I couldn't lift it. It was then that I realised it was not a miniature Dave but Dave itself!"

Kev baited his swim with CC Moore Equinox boilies, sweetcorn and hemp, and fished Equinox pop-ups on hinged stiff rigs made with short ESP readymade chod rigs.

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