UK fishery prices unlikely to rise significantly

Although there will be a steady level of new instructions of all types of fisheries, leisure and water related properties in 2013, UK fishery prices are unlikely to rise significantly in the longer term, according to, one of the leading specialists in the sale, acquisition and valuation of fisheries.

Rockford Lake, HampshireAccording to the agents, in the current economic climate the state of the residential market will, to a large extent, have a significant bearing on values and the saleability of fisheries with dwellings. Also, although there is evidence that bank lending is on the increase, bank lending criteria has changed significantly over the last five years making it harder for prospective purchasers to obtain funding.

However, says that, on a positive note, its database of potential purchasers continues to grow with a record number of cash purchasers now being registered with the firm.

Fisheries4sale's Martin Freeman said: "The market during 2012 was dominated by the sale of the CEMEX angling portfolio, with plenty of venues being marketed and sold as individual lots. There is still a reasonably good demand for both commercial and lifestyle fisheries throughout the country, the sale of Valley Farm Fishery in Suffolk and Four Ponds Fishery in Devon being good examples. However, values have continued to fall, notably on the larger commercial fisheries where bank funding can be particularly difficult to obtain."

The Yately complex in HampshireMartin Freeman said the CEMEX portfolio generated over 1,000 applicant enquiries and serious interest from private purchasers, investment companies and angling clubs. He said: "The whole portfolio sold in lots with the guide prices being exceeded on many of the venues. The market demonstrated that there is a high demand for both established and underdeveloped fisheries in good locations with values up to £500,000".

He added: "In recent years, excluding carp fishing, probably the largest growth area in the coarse fishing world is specimen barbel fishing. During the last 10 years barbel have either been introduced to or have bred successfully in many English rivers, and although otters are a problem predator in many parts of the country, barbel numbers are on the increase as is the popularity of the sport.

"Every week double figure barbel catches are reported to the angling publications. The success of barbel in many of these rivers is good news for the angling clubs who are looking to maintain or increase their memberships. A number of years ago many of the country's rivers were in decline and many rents were at nominal levels to reflect the quality of the fishing. In contrast, today landlords can expect to maintain or possibly see increased rents in the future on stretches of river they let. The outlook is promising and good stretches of barbel fishing are now in big demand".

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