Angling clubs warned to check their insurance

Angling club officials have been advised to check their insurance cover when fishing matches on day ticket fisheries after the owners of Staffordshire's Coppice Lane Pools were told by their provider that their third party liability insurance only covers pleasure anglers and does not extend to anglers fishing club matches.

Coppice Lane owner Lawrence Beckett told "We have been advised by our insurers that, by law, all angling clubs should have their own third party liability insurance to cover their members for loss, damage or personal injury when fishing club matches. I suspect that few angling club officials are aware of this and we would advise them to make their own enquiries with regard to the cover they hold."

The problem was highlighted at another day ticket fishery when a fishing umbrella belonging to one angler fishing a match blew away and injured another angler on the water. The injured angler tried to make a claim against the fishery where the match was being staged but was told they were not liable because they were fishing a club match. The injured angler subsequently made a claim against the owner of the umbrella.

Lawrence Beckett added: "In today's increasingly litigious society where solicitors offer 'no win - no fee' services it would pay angling club officials to make sure their members are covered when fishing club matches because club officials could be held jointly responsible if the club has no cover."

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