Mill Farm Fishery smashes silver bream record - again!

Phil Morton with his record silver bream from Mill Farm Fishery in West Sussex

The British record for a silver bream just keeps on being smashed at Mill Farm Fishery in Bury, near Pulborough, West Sussex.

After standing at 2lb 2oz for years, the record was broken three times in a week during May.

First, fireman Phil Morton thought he had beaten the record by 2oz when he landed a 2lb 4oz specimen - only to find his catch had been topped the day before by local angler Doug Plant with a silver which topped the scales at a record-shattering 2lb 11oz.

Phil, who had an tackle insurance policy which promised £7,500 to any policy holder who caught a new British record fish, was undeterred and returned to Mill Farm.

After experimenting with various methods including a long rod, pole and helicopter rigs and feeding heavily with maggots Phil found he was catching masses of carp and tench but only a few silver bream.

Fishing the back of a bar about 40 yards out using a Size 18 hook and a paste bait, he changed tactics and opted to feed the swim lighter by only packing a feeder with maggots. The result was that he landed a fish of just over 2lbs before catching the 2lb 14oz record breaker. He suspected he had the record in his pocket when the fish was weighed on four different sets of scales and showed the same weight each time.

Although the fish still has to be accepted by the British Record Fish Committee at its next committee meeting there is not expected to be a problem as Mill Farm is known to hold potential record silver bream. If it is, Phil will not only pick up a certificate acknowledging the capture and have his name entered into the record books - but will claim his £7,500 insurance pay out as well.

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