Martin Salter to open 2009 National Fishing Week
Angling MP Martin Salter with a nice common carpLabour's angling spokesman and Reading West MP Martin Salter is to open the 2009 National Fishing Week at the CLA Game Fair on July 24.

A keen supporter of angling, Martin has recently been instrumental in assisting and advising the recently formed Angling Trust in a number of its campaigns.

The Trust is now running National Fishing Week, which offers unique opportunities for the protection and promotion of angling by increasing the number of people getting involved in the sport; informing people about the economic, social and environmental benefits of angling; influencing decisions about access, environmental policy and wildlife management so that they take the importance of angling into account; and improving diversity amongst anglers to counter any perception that it is exclusively a male, white, able-bodied only pursuit.

As part of National Fishing Week events are being held all over the country. As well as more than 30 events organised by the Trust itself, there are hundreds of local open days being organised offering non-anglers the opportunity to be taught free of charge how to fish free of charge by qualified licensed coaches within a controlled environment.

National Fishing Week runs from July 25 to August 2 around the theme 'Fishing for Everyone'. Highlights include coarse, sea and game coaching sessions at the upcoming CLA Game Fair, being held at Belvoir Castle from July 24 to 26; sea angling open days where instruction will be available on everything from beach casting to boat craft; game fishing with fly and bait; fly casting coaching; match fishing lessons and even sessions teaching youngsters how to stalk carp.

There are taster days, novice days and a host of other angling days for special groups, including young people with additional needs, children from disadvantaged backgrounds and even for kids in contact with local Police.

All the events will help bring angling to a wider audience and introduce thousands of people to the delights of fishing.

Details of dates, times and entry criteria can be found at

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