Environment Agency appoints new Head of Fisheries

The Environment Agency has named Mathew Crocker as its new Head of Fisheries.

Mathew Crocker takes over as Head of Fisheries at the Environment AgencyA keen angler who has worked for the Environment Agency since it was formed in 1996, Mr Crocker (pictured right on Old Bury Lake in Surrey) takes over from current Head of Fisheries, Dafydd Evans, and will begin his new role on November 1, 2008 for one year.

Mr Evans has been Head of Fisheries for more than four years and has taken up a year's assignment in the Anglian Region of the Environment Agency.

Speaking on his priorities in his new role Mr Crocker said: "Dafydd has made huge strides as Head of Fisheries, including persuading government to modernise freshwater fisheries legislation through the Marine Bill.

  "I look forward to building on Dafydd's work by making the most of the forthcoming legislation changes which will help us better tackle illegal fishing and practices which could damage the environment. I also look forward to taking the opportunities presented by the Water Framework Directive to create a better quality environment where fish will thrive."

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