Looking through the trees from the car park at Modder PoolModder and Carver Pool

Cut Throat Lane
Hockley Heath
West Midlands
B94 6SE

Tel: 07725 422863 (mobile)

Modder Pool re-opens for angling

Modder Pool has re-opened for angling with the day-to-day running of the two pools being carried out by IM Fishing, a new venture run by Martyn Jacobson who has carried out much of the voluntary work on the pools in the past.

To offer increased choice for anglers, Martyn has also opened the three quarters of an acre Settlement Pool, now renamed Carver Pool, for fishing.

Earlier in 2013 work was completed on refurbishment of the access road from the entrance to the pool car park. In addition, ladies and gents toilets have been provided.

The entrance to Modder Pool FisheryTo be found on the fringe of 80 acres of woodland just a few hundred yards from the junction of the M42 and M40 motorways, Modder Pool and its smaller sibling Carver Pool are part of the large Umberslade Estate just outside Hockley Heath in the West Midlands.

The Umberslade Estate has an interesting history, having been taken over in the mid 1800s by Birmingham industrialist George Frederick Muntz who became Liberal MP for the city and later its Lord Mayor.

Well maintained banks make it suitable for disabled anglersMuntz amassed his fortune after developing a mix of brass, copper and zinc which today is known as Muntz Metal, a corrosion resistant alloy which was used throughout the world for lining the hulls of ships including the Cutty Sark; sheathing the piles of piers; making machine parts; and making steam locomotive tubes. Members of the Muntz family still own the estate today.

Until about five years ago Modder Pool had been an exclusive syndicate water, but since then has been little fished and the bankside allowed to become somewhat overgrown.

A nice carp catch from Modder PoolNow Sebastian Muntz (pictured left holding a carp), the enterprising young owner and great great grandson of George Frederick Muntz, has handed the running of both Modder and Carver pool over to Martyn Jacobson of

Martyn is also working hard on clearing and preparing Carver Pool, a smaller pool nearby which was dug as part of the M40's construction. Although this pool is known to hold fish it has hardly ever been fished by anglers and as such is very much a mystery water.

There's plenty of open water at Modder PoolIt has to be said that because Modder Pool has been closed for several years and is in the throws of being restored to its former glory it will appeal to the more adventurous angler who enjoys fishing 'natural' waters with few or no amenities.

Also, being only a few hundred yards from the M40 motorway, there is usually the sound of traffic, although thanks to the increased tree growth this is nowhere near as bad as it was when first visited the lake some 15 years ago.

Settlement Pool at Modder Pool FisheryAnother feature of Modder Pool is that there are few rules with the exception that anglers under 16 should be accompanied by an adult, keepnets and boilies are not allowed and landing nets must be used. Night fishing is not currently allowed and the gates are locked at dusk.

Because there are only 10 pegs on Modder Pool anglers must book the day before wanting to fish. Their £6.00 day ticket fee will be collected on the bank whilst anglers who have not booked and are found to be fishing will be charged £12.00.

2016/2017 Ticket costs and Opening Times

Day Ticket (8.30am - dusk)
Evening Ticket (5.00pm - dusk)

Anglers should pre-book their sessions the day before fishing
by telephoning 07725 422863 (mobile)
Ticket monies are collected on the bank and are for a maximum of two rods
Anglers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult

Modder Pool is part of the Umberslade EstateModder Pool

Modder Pool is about one and three quarter acres in size with a small tree-clad island towards the right hand end of the pool from the entrance. The main pegs are along the dam wall (left), which has been cleared of many of the trees and shrubs which previously grew along it.

There are also a couple of jetty pegs along the right hand bank as you approach the water. These should not be used until they have been refurbished.

The lake has a flat and even bottom with sides which slope gradually to about 15 feet out before dropping rapidly to a flat and even bottom about five feet deep.

A nice peg on Modder PoolIt is stocked with a common and mirror carp averaging between 3lbs and 6lbs but with a good number known to go between 8lbs and 15lbs. This much is known because during a Henley in Arden Angling Club match on Modder Pool in autumn 2011 one angler had carp to 15lbs. In view of the size of the lake it is highly likely that bigger fish exist in the water.

In addition to the carp, Modder Pool is also known to hold plenty of silver fish including bream, tench, roach, rudd and perch.

The peg at the end of the peninsula gives access to plenty of open waterBecause Modder Pool is fairly shallow it is an easy water to fish with waggler or pole. The recommended line strength for those going after the carp is 6lbs to 8lbs tied to a Size 12 or 14 hook.

One angler who knows the water says that all pegs fish well with the most commonly used baits for the carp being 8mm banded hooker pellets, worm, maggot, caster and sweetcorn, all fished on the bottom. Bread is also another useful bait when fished both on the bottom and as a surface bait with dog biscuits being an alternative. It is also suggested that fishing a Method Feeder is highly likely to produce good results.

Looking back from the far end of the dam on Modder PoolThose going for the silver fish should use lighter tackle with 4lb main line to a 1lb 8oz bottom length and Size 14, 16 or 18 hook. Good baits for the silver fish include maggot and caster, worm, sweetcorn and soft hooker pellets. When fishing for the silvers anglers should be prepared for a fight if their bait is taken by a carp.

Whether fishing for the carp or silver fish, it is suggested that anglers feed the swim with three or four large balls of groundbait and then loose feed pellets or hook samples every quarter of an hour to keep the swim going.

Carver Pool at Modder Pool FisheryCarver Pool
Now available for fishing

About three quarters of an acre in size with no clearly defined pegs, Carver Pool can be found through the gate in front of you as you turn into the car park for Modder Pool. It is roughly triangular in shape with trees and shrubs running down to the waters edge along two of its three sides. These are in the process of being thinned and a new path constructed around the edge to give greater access to the water.

Carver Pool at Modder Pool FisheryBecause there are no clearly defined pegs - the water hardly ever having been fished since it was created as part of the M40 construction - anglers can fish wherever they want.

Common, wild and mirror carp have been seen in Carver Pool but little is known about their sizes. A friend of the owner who fished it on one occasion used sweetcorn and said he had a carp a cast with the average size of the fish being about 8lbs - although he saw several bigger fish during his session. It is also known that there are silver fish in the water as the pool is connected to Modder Pool by a stream which runs around the edge of the site.

Carver Pool at Modder Pool FisheryLittle is also known about depths and features in the pool, although it may be safe to presume it has a fairly featureless bottom as it was dug as a settlement pool for the M40 motorway.

When more is known about Carver Pool it is intended that the water will be managed more carefully with existing fish stocks augmented where necessary and improvements made to the bankside to make it a more comfortable venue to fish.

At the moment, though, this will appeal greatly to anglers who want to fish a natural looking water which has not been fished before and where they don't know what they are going to catch next!

How to get there...

Click on the map for a more detailed imageModder Pool can be found down the track behind the Delta Force adventure area in Arnolds Wood off Cut Throat Lane near Hockley Heath.

Anglers traveling towards Solihull on the M42 and M40 should leave the M40 at Junction 16 and head up the A34 towards Hockley Heath and Birmingham. As you enter Hockley Heath take the left turn towards Redditch on the B4101 and after about a mile you will come to a sharp left hand bend with a road coming in from the right. Take this right hand road and continue along here until you come to the entrance to Delta Force on the left. The track to Modder Pool is signed on the right. Follow this for half a mile and it will take you to Modder Pool.

Anglers traveling from the north on the M42 should continue south to its junction with the M40 and take the M40 south leaving the motorway at the first junction (J16) and then follow the directions above.

Local anglers will find Hockley Heath on the A3400 Birmingham to Stratford road.

The entrance to the fishery is off Cut Throat Lane in the wood to the left of the arrow shown on the Streetmap image.

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