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The new Milton Pools website newsletterMilton Pools' website Newsletter

Milton Pools has launched its own website Newsletter where anglers can keep up to date with latest catches and match results from the fishery.

With a photo gallery of decent fish caught at the venue, the site includes a comprehensive list of rules and other information about the fishery. To see who's done what Click here.

Lens Lake at Milton PoolsEstablished some 70 years ago, Milton Pools is one of those lesser known jewels of the angling world.

Set in a delightful location next to the M40 motorway near Oxford, there are six waters which offer everything from tranquil pleasure fishing for roach to 3lbs and perch to 4lbs to specimen hunting for double figure tench, pike to 30lbs, carp to 43lbs and catfish to 45lbs.

As well as round-the-clock angling, the fishery also offers a well stocked and competitively prices on-site tackle shop which sells a large range of equipment, accessories and baits including maggots and worms. Next to the floodlit car park with closed circuit television there are toilets with washing facilities.

Expanding nicely - the range of tacke and baits on offer at Milton poolsSince owners Ray and Val Green took over the fishery in 2002 a great deal of effort has been put into improving the venue.

In everything that has been done, the emphasis has been placed on developing a quality fishery where anglers can feel at home catching healthy fish. This has ensured the pegs are well spaced so there is plenty of room and, as a result, the waters are not over fished.

Most of the pegs are suitable for disabled anglers with car access to many of the pegs, whilst plenty of space is ensured for pleasure anglers as all summer matches are now held on Campbells Match Lake to ensure the other waters are always available for pleasure and specimen anglers.

One of the new mini-chalets at Milton PoolsFuture plans for further development of the fishery will be aimed at improving facilities for anglers whilst at the same time maintaining the rural character of the pools and the health of the fish.

A recent addition to the fishery are Swedish-style chalets which are available for rental on the Specimen Lake. The chalets are for sleeping purposes only and have no services but are thermally insulated to allow anglers to fish in comfort all year round.

Although night fishing is allowed, anglers are advised to telephone in advance - especially if they want to fish the Specimen Lake. Visitors should note that juniors may only night-fish if accompanied by an adult angler.

One of Milton Pools big catfish from Specimen LakeAll anglers should report to the shop, or when this is not manned should report their arrival using the intercom which is located on the right hand side of the shop door before proceeding onto the fishery.

For the safety of anglers and their vehicles, the entrance and the car park is protected by security cameras and the electronically controlled gates are locked between 7.00pm and 7.30am. This means that the fishery is open to day ticket anglers from 7.30am until 7.00pm.

For those looking to take up angling or to brush up on their technique, Milton Pools is able to arrange fishing tuition with Ian Horrocks. Please enquire for further details.

Some nice Milton Pools Specimen Lake carp and a cat

Pictured above are, from left to right, Vince Sharp with a 25lb common taken from Peg 18 on catfish pellets; Colin Morris with a with a 38lb 2oz catfish taken from Peg 2/3; and Colin again with a beautiful 25lb Chagoi carp caught from Peg 1.

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2020 Ticket costs

(Click here for Milton Pools Terms and Conditions)

Under 16
(12 hours)
24-hour ticket
(one rod)
(one rod only)
(two rods maximum)
(two rods maximum)
(two rods)
Not available

Day tickets cover angling from 7.30am until 7.00pm

For insurance reasons the following rules
apply for junior anglers

Anglers under the age of 16 must not be left unaccompanied
House Lake: Anglers must be 16 years old to fish the House Lake
Specimen Lake: Anglers must be 18 years old to fish the Specimen Lake
Junior Anglers may fish Kidney Lake and Len's Match Lake as long as they are accompanied by an adult over 21

Looking across Milton Pools' Specimen LakeSpecimen Lake

The largest of the Milton Pools waters at just over three aces in size, Specimen Lake holds 18 pegs.

Incorporating plenty of features including two islands, the lake has been planted with a central bed of lilies. As on the other lakes, the pegs are numbered so anglers wishing to fish overnight or for 24 hours or longer can book in advance and stipulate which pegs they want to fish.

Specimen Lake - big enough for a bait boat!Specimen Lake fish range from carp to 43lbs, pike to 25lbs, catfish to 45lbs, roach, perch and some beautiful double figure tench.

If you are going for the roach, tench or perch, float fishing usually proves best with maggots, worm, luncheon meat and sweetcorn being the most favoured baits. Those fishing for the big carp tend to use boilies.

Ray has ensured in the stocking of the Specimen Lake that large carp have been introduced. As a result the water now has a good number of 20lbs to 30lbs fish, several mid-30s and some going to over 40lbs.

A nice peg on Specimen LakeBut large carp aren't the only attraction of Specimen Lake, which also holds large fish of other species.

With roach to more than 2lbs 8oz, perch to 4lbs-plus and tench which run into double figures there's plenty to go for, although most non-carpers give the water a miss because they are unaware of its potential for species other than carp.

If you are after big fish, it's worth asking in the shop what is working best at the time of your visit.

Specimen LakeThe introduction of catfish not only enticed the carp to feed on a more regular basis but also gave anglers something new to fish for.

Milton Pools also has an outstanding number of pike with a good number of fish to 25lbs that have been introduced into Specimen Lake, making it ideal for fishing during the venue's pike fishing season which runs from October to the end of March.

House Lake at Milton PoolsHouse Lake

Stocked with carp up to 22lbs, green and golden tench to 6lbs, bream to 11lbs, crucian carp, ghost carp, carp/koi, roach, large perch, golden orfe and golden rudd, House Lake is Milton Pool's general coarse fish water and is a good starting point for newcomers to the fishery. Covering about one-and-a-half acres, it offers 11 well-spaced pegs, any of which offer an equal chance of a good day's fishing.

House Lake - looking across the poolUnlike the Kidney Lake, there is no shelf around the fringes with the banks dropping straight down to the maximum depth of between four-and-a-half to five feet.

Pole, waggler and traditional and modern carp fishing techniques all work well on House Lake with best baits tending to be boilies for the carp, maggots for the smaller carp, roach and tench, and sweetcorn and luncheon meat for the perch and bigger tench.

Len's Match Lake - the obstacles have been removedLen's Match Lake

The shallowest of the Milton Pools waters at only four feet deep, Len's Match Lake is a good water for both novice and experienced general coarse anglers and is a good water for both pole and waggler anglers.

Stock includes carp to 12lbs, bream up to 7lbs, crucian carp, golden and green tench, chub, roach, perch, koi, rudd, golden rudd and goldfish.

Match Lake is an excellent mixed coarse fish waterCovering about an acre-and-a-quarter with 15 pegs, the water is interesting in that there are two smaller basins connected to the main pool, the larger of which goes to six feet in depth making it popular with anglers wanting to fish slightly deeper water.

These pools are often worth investigating as some of the bigger fish make their way into them and most of the time no one else is fishing them.

Plenty of roach and perch...Anglers setting out for the tench tend to float fish sweetcorn, luncheon meat, worms or maggots. As one would expect, it pays to watch the water for bubbles to pinpoint where the fish are feeding and then keep them there by loose-feeding pellets or samples of hook bait.

All techniques work well whilst a bed of lilies down the centre of the lake not only adds to the appeal of the water but prevents anglers from casting from one bank into the swim of anglers fishing on the opposite side of the water.

Small but perfectly formed - Kidney LakeKidney Lake

The smallest of the seven Milton Pools waters, Kidney Lake is half an acre in size with a total of 10 pegs and holds a nice mix of carp to 8lbs, bream up to 2lbs 8oz, crucian carp, rudd, green and golden tench, roach, perch, chub, golden orfe, goldfish and black goldfish.

A pretty little water with plenty of features, it is ideal for pleasure fishing, particularly for younger or inexperienced anglers because it is easy to catch.

A pleasant corner on Kidney LakeAveraging four-and-a-half to five feet deep, the pool has a shelf which runs about a rod length out and about two-foot-six inches deep, making it ideal for fishing close in either with the pole.

Being a general coarse lake, most regular baits work well particularly maggots, sweetcorn and worm float fished just off the bottom. Anglers should note that, because of its size, Kidney Lake is a float-only water and ledgering is not allowed.

Campbells Match LakeCampbell's Match Lake

Fully established in 2007, Campbell's Match Lake has now matured and as anglers can see from the fishery's match results on the Milton Pools Fishery Newsletter this is now fishing extremely well.

With 15 pegs, many of which are decked, Campbell's is available for club and private matches by prior arrangement only.

The water holds carp to 11lbs, ghost carp to 8lbs, bream up to 4lbs, golden rudd, green tench, koi, roach, chub, goldfish, black goldfish and crucian carp.

Campbells Match LakeEasy to fish with a uniform bottom, Campbells is constantly throwing up improving match catches with the current match record currently standing at 204lbs 4oz which was taken at the beginning of June, 2013 by G Dodd fishing a Remenham AC match. Back-up weights included second placed Dick Shillito with 198lbs 8oz and third placed Steve Johnson with 182lbs 8oz. A total of eight anglers fished the match for a total weight of 1,046lbs 6oz.

Anglers interested in holding a match on Campbells are asked to telephone the fishery for further details and availability.

Chagoi Lake

This lake is used as a general stock lake and holds specimen-size Chagoi Koi, including coloured koi carp, golden tench and golden orfe.

How to get there...

Map of how to get to Milton Pools FisheryMilton Pools is a stone's throw from the M40 motorway. Travelling south, leave the motorway at Junction 8 (Waterstock Services) and take the A418 towards Thame. After about a mile turn right onto the old A40 and follow this road for about a mile and a half. At the junction with the A329 turn right again, go over the motorway and the entrance to the fishery is about 50 yards on the left. Follow the track until you will come to the fishery car park. On arrival please report to the shop to obtain your ticket before proceeding onto the fishery.

Travelling North, leave the motorway at Junction 7, turn left at the end of the slip road and the entrance to Milton Pools is about 50 yards on the left.

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