Meadowlands Fishery on the outskirts of CoventryMeadowlands

A423 - Oxford Road
near Coventry

New owners take over at Meadowlands

Meadowlands Fishery has been sold to new owners. We will update this page once we have more information

Meadowlands Fishery is ideal for all agesSituated on the outskirts of Coventry next to the Keller factory just off the main A423 road which runs from Ryton-upon-Dunsmore to Southam, Meadowlands comprises two former sand and gravel pits which cover a total of 17 acres.

Unlike many commercial fisheries, its Lambsdown Lake bucks the trend of being a predominantly carp venue by also offering a good head of silver fish and tench which form part of the 15 different species in the water.

Warren Pool at Meadowlands FisheryWarren Pool (right), the smaller lake furthest from the car park, has also gained a growing reputation as one of the area's best crucian carp waters. It also shines as a competition venue with some impressive catches being taken and nets of 100lbs of fish regularly winning matches.

The Warren Pool match record currently stands at 265lb, an all-carp catch which was taken by local angler Baz Byrd fishing pole and paste in a five hour match.

A sheltered peg on Lambsdown Lake at Meadowlands FisheryIn March 2014 an additional 600lbs of carp and tench were introduced into Warren Pool. This follows an earlier stocking in March 2011 of over 1,500lbs of fish which included common and mirror carp between 2lbs and 8lbs with the odd larger fish.

With its diverse stocking policy, Meadowlands is a popular pleasure and competition venue with winning weights for Open matches regularly coming in at between 100lbs and 150lbs. The venue and Lambsdown Lake match record, set in summer 2014 when Jack Harness fished Peg 34 for a winning weight of 278lbs, was broken in 2015 when Leamington angler Jason Shirley pole fished corn in the margins on Peg 54 for an impressive 296lbs.

Meadowlands FisheryAnglers are also taking bigger catches of carp. Biggest fish so far is a 29lb 7oz mirror taken on hair-rig luncheon meat fished from Lambsdown's far bank near the point whilst Warren Pool also yields many decent carp running to over 20lbs. The majority of these bigger fish fall to boilies.

On-site facilities include car parking and a snack-bar which serves hot and cold drinks and snacks. There is also an on-site ladies and gents toilet.

2019 Ticket costs and Opening Times

Day Tickets
7.00am - 8.00pm
End-of-day tickets
Last five hours

Please note: Night fishing is not allowed at Meadowlands.
Corporate days can be tailored to suit individual needs.

An angler's view of Lambsdown LakeLambsdown Lake

At 13.5 acres, Lambsdown Lake is by far the largest of the two Meadowlands waters and offers anglers a choice of fishing styles and species thanks to its varied depth and diverse stocking.

Up to 14ft deep along the Keller Bank which runs below the entrance road, Lambsdown shallows to between three and four feet at the narrow end near the entrance and up to seven feet along the dam wall. Depths are generally between seven and nine feet in the centre.

Fishing the far bank of Lambsdown LakeThe water is believed to hold one of the largest stocking ratios of fish in the country with summer anglers reporting catches of up to 300 fish at one sitting. It is also home to some large tench, the biggest taken to date being 9lb 2oz, and a massive head of bream to 7lbs and roach which have been witnessed to 3lbs 3oz.

Whilst not regarded primarily as a carp water, Lambsdown holds some good sized fish. The largest recorded mirror stands at 29lbs 7oz and the largest ghost carp at 23lbs. In addition, the water has a good head of crucians, nearly all of which are over 1lbs with the biggest to date being 3lbs 8oz.

fishing the entrance end of Lambsdown LakeBecause of its size, roach and rudd also abound. The fishery record for both roach and rudd currently stands at 3lbs 3oz whilst the match record for Lambsdown currently stands at 278lbs with regular match weights in excess of 150lb being recorded.

When it comes to fishing Lambsdown, the most popular method in summer is with the method feeder, waggler or straight lead on the rod. Pole with paste or meat also account for large bags of carp in the margins.

Another angler fishing the far bank of Lambsdown LakeIn summer, carp pellets, paste and luncheon meat all work well, but with such high fish stocks Lambsdown is a very hungry lake and all baits work well.

In winter, a straight lead with a PVA bag and the pole for silver fish account for bags of up to 50lbs.

Although there are no particular hot spots, winter fishing is always best in the deeper water whilst on the right days in summer the shallower water produces good catches. Pegs 4 to 14 are the deepest to around 12 feet.

Another sheltered peg on Lambsdown Lake at Meadowlands FisheryWhen fishing Lambsdown the secret is to build up a tight swim and cast accurately into it, clipping off the line to ensure consistent distance every time. Use groundbait or pellets around an Method Feeder - elasticated feeders are allowed - and bury your bait for best results.

Another good technique, particularly in summer, is to fish pole and paste feeding 4mm fishery pellets. Anglers can also feed about a dozen pellets or hook samples regularly with meat, maggots, casters and pellets all being good baits. Start at 11 metres out until the fish move closer when they can be caught at about three metres.

Warren Pool - go there for barbel Warren Pool

Warren Pool has gained an enviable reputation over the last few seasons as a formidable brown goldfish water with specimens running to 3lbs 8oz and averaging between 2lbs and 3lbs - nice fish by any standards!

In addition, Warren Pool also contains a good head of carp between 1lb and 15lbs which were supplemented with 3,000 fish several years ago. These have now grown on nicely to provide some excellent sport. In addition, there are plenty of roach and skimmers and some quality bream to 7lbs, although the majority are in the 3-4lbs range.

great on a still dayIn March 2014 an additional 600lbs of carp and tench were introduced into Warren Pool. These followed an earlier stocking in March 2011 of 1,500lbs of fish which included a mix of common and mirror carp between 2lbs and 8lbs with the odd larger fish.

Because Warren Pool does not go as deep into the water table as its neighbour Lambsdown, it tends to be shallower with an average depth of four feet.

The wooded bank on Warren Pool at Meadowlands FisheryDeepest towards the far end around Pegs 18 and 19, Peg 19 being the deepest peg on the pool where about six feet of water can normally be found. The pool shallows towards the pump bank between Warren Pool and Lambsdown around pegs 31 to 35 where between three and four feet can be found. This is a favourite haunt for carp anglers, whilst walking round the pool to the right leads to Peg 19 near the trees.

Further round towards where the pool runs into a narrow gully is a favourite spot for crucian carp and bigger ghosties to 20lbs. Here the water is slightly deeper at just over five feet. The landing stages down the left hand bank of the pool overlook swims about five feet deep, and again these are favoured pegs for the carp.

Looking up Warren Pool from the entranceWhen it comes to techniques, most anglers fish the pole with maggot, caster or meat baits on the bottom over a bed of hemp. As with Lambsdown, regular loose-feeding with free offerings of hook bait is essential to keep the fish in the swim. For the carp, the most popular summer method is to fish the pole with paste or double corn feeding the fishery's own 4mm pellets.

Although the pool is shallow, another very popular technique for both pleasure and match anglers is to fish a Method feeder with 8lb main line and 6lb hook length to a size 16 or 18 hook. Summer anglers using the pole are recommended to use a 10,12 or 14 elastic with 3lb or 4lb hook line, again to 16 or 18 hook.

Meadowlands Rules

Please ensure all gates are closed
Maximum hook size is Size 10 - all hooks must be barbless
Strictly no braid
8mm pellets can only be used to feed swims between January 1 and April
Anglers must feed only with the fishery's own pellets (own hookbait can be used)
For shallow fishing a minimum depth of 12 inches applies
No floating/surface baits to be fed
Floating/surface baits can only be used as hookbaits (not during matches)
Anglers must wait until any matches are finished before using a surface or floating bait
Match anglers should use three keepnets - two for carp split evenly and one for silver fish
There is an 80lb weight limit per keepnet. Silver fish must be kept in a separate net
Boilies may only be used as hook bait and should not be loose fed
No spodding
No radios or dogs
No litter - please leave pegs clean and tidy

How to get there...

Click on the map for a larger versionMeadowlands Fishery is situated on the southern outskirts of Coventry next to the Keller factory just off the main A423 which runs from Ryton-on-Dunsmore to Southam.

Travelling north or south on the M6, leave the motorway at Junction 2 and follow the A46 signed Warwick until you reach the A45 at the Toll Bar End roundabout. Take the left turn onto the A45 and about half a mile the slip road to the left which leads to the former Peugeot factory and the A423. Follow the road round by the former Peugeot factory and go straight over the next roundabout. The entrance to Meadowlands Fishery is clearly signed on the left immediately after the Keller factory.

From Leamington and Warwick, take the A445 to Ryton on Dunsmore and at the Sky Blue Connection roundabout turn right down the A423 and follow the directions above.

If travelling from the south on the M1, at Junction 17 take the M45 towards Coventry and then the A45. Turn left at the second large roundabout onto the A445 towards Bubbenhall and Leamington and at the next roundabout turn left again onto the A423. The entrance to Meadowlands Fishery is clearly signed on the left immediately after the Keller factory.

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