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Looking towards the lily pads at Little Fishery FarmDespite being a long established pool which was once used as a stock pond for the original waters at the nearby Peatling Pools fishery, Little Fishery Farm only opened for day ticket angling at the beginning of September 2015.

To be found along the Gilmorton Road on the outskirts of the tiny Leicestershire village of Peatling Parva, the pool has only been fished occasionally by members of the owners family and friends, all of whom report that it is crammed full of fish including common and mirror carp, tench, perch and roach.

Pine Tree Alpacas are based at Little Fishery FarmThe pool was developed many years ago by Malcolm Ellingworth, father of current owner Nick, who developed nearby Peatling Pools into a successful day ticket fishery. Since then, Little Fishery Farm has expanded to become one of the county's leading breeders of Alpacas, which adds an interesting twist for visitors to the venue where added attractions also include chickens, Indian Runner ducks, sheep and even pigs.

This, combined with the fact that the fish are easy to catch, makes Little Fishery Farm an ideal venue for families and parents who want to take their children for a day's fishing where they are sure to catch.

Looking Little Fishery Farm from the entrance endAbout an acre in size, Little Fishery Farm is probably best described as a natural looking water which offers a total of 19 slabbed pegs set a minimum of nine yards apart.

Whilst some of the pegs near the entrance and along one bank are suitable for disabled anglers, some parts of the banks are quite steep which would make other pegs difficult to reach in wet weather. As a result, less able-bodied anglers should contact the fishery in advance to determine the ground conditions.

Work is also in progress to create a site for touring caravans and camping which, when completed will make Little Fishery Farm an ideal spot for those looking for a weekend angling break.

Alpacas at Little Fishery Farm
Interested in learning more about Alpacas?

Alpacas are fast gaining in popularity because they make such interesting pets whilst their wool is much sought after. Wonderful, gentle animals, alpacas are said to be very safe for adults and children alike with many owners saying they are often very curious and enchanted by children. An added bonus is that currently the market and value for alpacas is in the animals themselves - breeding them and selling the offspring provides a very good return on investment.

Click here to visit the Pine Tree Alpacas website and find out more about these fascinating animals.

2020 day ticket costs

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Little Fishery Farm Lake

The lily pads at Little Fishery FarmRanging between three feet and nine feet deep, the main features of Little Farm Fishery are the peninsula which juts out into the pool mideway along the farm bank and the bed of lilied in the left hand corner near the entrance gate.

Shallowest in the swims to the right of the peninsula where about three feet of water can be found much of the remainder of the pool is about six feet deep although it drops to about 11 feet off the grass bank nearest the main road.

Looking towards the peninsula at Little Fishery FarmThe few anglers who have fished the water so far have tended to float fish using sweetcorn, pellets, luncheon meat, bread and even boilies. The fishing is said to be so easy that even the owners 11-year-old daughter bags up every time she fishes it.

However, because it has been little fished it is still uncertain exactly what the lake holds. The most prolific species seems to be mirror carp which have been caught between 4lbs and 6lbs although there are a lot of smaller fish. Whilst there are also common carp, these have not been caught to the same size as the mirrors.

The lily pads at Little Fishery FarmOther predominant species are tench, roach and golden orfe, the tench known to run to between 8oz and 1lb. It is although thought the water holds perch.

Because there are a lot of smaller fish, those after the larger specimens have the option of feeding a couple of swims with feeder pellets, one either side of where they intend to fish. This will keep the smaller fish away from the area where they have presented their bait. The other option is to feed with small feeder pellets but use a larger bait on a Size 12 or 14 hook which will can only be taken by bigger fish.

Little Fishery FarmAnglers out for a pleasant session either on their own or with children or grandchildren can be assured of constant action by fishing sweetcorn, soft hooker pellets, small cubes of luncheon meat or bread on light tackle and Size 14 or 16s hook.

One of the nice things about Little Fishery Farm is that the fish are all in superb condition, whilst the smaller carp have already developed a reputation of being feisty little things which punch way above their weight and often fight much harder than some of the bigger specimens.

Little Fishery Farm website
Visit Little Fishery Farm on the web

Little Fishery Farm is developing its own website where you can learn more about what's on offer at the venue. The website includes everything you need to know about Alpacas together with details of other services available including

To learn more about these fascinating animals click here to visit their website.

How to get there...

Click on the map for more detailFor those travelling any distance from Peatling Parva, Little Fishery Farm is about a 15 minute drive from Junction 1 of the M6 motorway. On leaving the motorway, travel through Lutterworth on the A426 and take the right hand turning opposite the Texaco petrol station towards Gilmorton on Gilmorton Road. Travel along here until you come to a fork in the road and take the left hand turning towards Gilmorton. In Gilmorton village turn right and then immediate left into Mill Lane. Continue along here until you come to Peatling Parva. The entrance to Little Fishery Farm is on the left just after the village sign for Peatling Parva. Anglers should note that Satnavs may give different routes so anglers may wish to ring in advance for directions to the fishery.

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