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A nice low double carp from the main lakeTo be found in a delightful countryside location just outside the small village of Shilton to the north of Coventry, Hopsford Hall fishery looks like a typical old estate lake where the fishing has improved greatly over the past few years.

Those improvements are set to continue further following a great deal of ongoing fishery consultancy work which will thin out the smaller fish to give the remaining stock the opportunity to grow on.

There's plenty of open water at Hopsford HallDeceptively deep - up to 12ft in parts at the dam end - the main lake is fed by three natural springs which leads to a high water quality and healthy fish. With plenty of bankside vegetation and a tree-clad island, it is a delighful looking lake which produces equally delightful fish.

Indeed, over the past few years Hopsford Hall's main lake has built a growing reputation for its carp and is now a popular haunt with an increasing number of anglers not only from the Coventry area but as far afield as Suffolk.

Plenty of bankside cover at Hopsford HallThis is hardly surprising with mirror carp having been caught to 31lbs and commons to just over 30lbs. In addition, there are masses of mid-sized fish as well as good numbers of bream to double figures and perch to over 3lbs.

Slightly away from the main lake past the remains of a former canal arm is another small lake - the Duckery (below) - which is preferred by some anglers to the main lake.

Getting away from it all on The DuckeriesAlthough only about half-an-acre in size, this lake is up to seven feet deep in parts and is virtually surrounded by trees which add to its charm of seclusion.

Whilst some 26 carp to 17lbs were lost in this water in the worst of the 2010-2011 winter when the pool froze in the severe weather, these have now been replaced with some 30 fish of similar size which have been taken from the main lake.

Surrounded by reeds in the summer and on the verge of open countryside, the Duckery is a delightful spot to get way from it all. As its name suggests, it was originally used for duck raising and shooting and holds a good head of fish including some good sized double figure commons and mirrors as well as decent roach and perch.

Improvement work will also be carried out on the Duckery during the next couple of years to remove much of the excessive vegetation which is becoming invasive whilst maintaining the original charm of the pool for those anglers who enjoy fishing smaller, more intimate waters.

Day ticket opening Times
(Mid-February until December 1)

All week - 7.00am until 9.00pm

Ticket costs

Day Tickets (adults) - £7.00 (one rod) £10.00 (two rods)
Day Tickets (Under 16s/OAP) - £6.00 (maximum two rods)
After 4.00pm Summer (adults) - £5.00 (maximum two rods)
After 4.00pm Summer (Under 16s/OAP) - £4.00 (maximum two rods)
24-hour ticket (adults) - £20.00 (maximum two rods)
24-hour ticket (Under 16s/OAP) - £15.00 (maximum two rods)

Junior anglers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
Dogs are welcome as long as they are not a nuisance to other anglers

Nice swims near the entrance to Hopsford Hall lakeHopsford Hall Lake

Depths vary greatly on this attractive three acre lake, ranging from six feet at the narrow end nearest the car park to seven feet down the length of the lake and 12 feet at the dam end.

Although most anglers going for the carp used to fish from the dam wall at the far end of the lake, significant fish are now taken from virtally anywhere on the water, making all pegs popular.

The main lake is good for carpAnd with with commons and mirrors taken to over 30lbs, ghosties between 12lbs and 28lbs and a few leathers/linears to 22lbs, there is plenty to go at. Indeed, the results of a recent netting caried out on the lake showed that there were in excess of 750 carp between 12lbs and 30lbs.

The biggest fish to come out of Hopsford in recent years was a 36lb common whilst last year the biggest was a 31lb mirror taken by a lady angler from Suffolk and a common just over 30lbs taken by Coventry angler Pepe Serti.

There are also some nicely sheltered pegsHowever, it would be wrong to regarded Hopsford Hall simply as an out and out carp water because it also holds a good head of big bream, the biggest to have been caught in 2010 weighing in at an impressive 11lbs with the biggest by early summer 2011 being slightly over 10lbs.

Then there are perch to a handsome 3lbs-plus, good roach to between 2lbs and 3lbs and tench, the majority of which were known to be between 2lbs 8oz and 5lbs with some specimens running to 8lbs, although these have not shown regularly in the last couple of years.

Hopsford Hall is a very attractive lakeWhilst many of the carp anglers use flavoured boilies, pop-ups and partcile baits, more conventional baits seem to work equally well with sweetcorn, luncheon meat and floating dog biscuits particularly effective for the carp in the summer months. Floating baits work well in the shallower parts of the lake when fished close to the marginal weeds.

It is really only in the winter that boilies come more into their own. Generally effective throughout the year are sweetcorn, trout pellet paste, dog-food mixers, maggots and worms.

Another Hopsford Hall carp comes to the netMost popular methods for fishing the lake for the silver fish are float fishing on rod or pole around the edges and legering in the deeper water.

Interestingly, it is worth taking the time to get to know this lake because the different species tend to occupy specific territories. The bream, for example, generally stay in the swims in the far right hand corner from the bridge, where the depth is around six or seven feet, whilst the carp are usually caught in the deeper water by the dam and along the bank between the overflow and the island. They are now also regularly taken from the shallower end by the entrance.

One of the right hand bank pegs at Hopsford HallAlthough the roach can generally be caught anywhere, they are more regularly taken in the shallower water as you come onto the fishery and the tench congregate in the shallow bays down the right hand side of the pool.

The bay down the right hand side as you come onto the water is said to be good for the tench, although there are one of two underwater snags where which anglers need to be aware of.

The Duckery is worth the walkThe Duckery

This old half-acre pool, reinstated in 1990, is popular with some anglers who prefer its wooded seclusion to the main lake.

Deeper than it looks, The Duckery is about six feet at the point where you enter the fishery whilst the narrow arm behind the island to the left is only five feet on average. However, the main body of the lake to the right shelves steadily to nine feet at its deepest before coming back up to seven feet as it goes behind the island.

Secluded and quietWell-stocked with carp, roach and perch, The Duckery is perhaps most famous for its stock of indigenous mirror and common carp which are regularly caught between 8lbs and 15lbs and generally tend to give anglers a really good scrap.

With good heads of roach and perch it is easy to see why this little pool is so popular with anglers. However, because the water is heavily reeded along its fringes there are plenty of escape routes for any hooked fish and many a good one has found freedom in the reeds.

When fishing The Duckery it is worth noting that boilies are not allowed. However, float or leger fished luncheon meat, maggots, sweetcorn and bread usually do the trick.

Follow the link to see some nice Hopsford Hall fish

Plenty of nice fish - particularly some decent sized carp - have been coming out of Hopsford Hall in recent months.

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How to get there

At the traffic lights in the centre of Shilton, take the Wolvey/Hinckley road. While still in the village, the first right is Withybrook Lane. The entrance to Hopsford Hall fishery is about two miles down here on the right.

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