Match fishing at Hillview LakesHillview Lakes

Cherry Orchard Lane
Gloucestershire GL20 6JH

Tel: 01684 296719
or 07840 579087 (m)

Hillview Lakes match rules

All nets to be stretched out on arrival at the fishery
No stink bags or net bags to be taken out of the car park
Nets must be stretched out behind peg before the match and only placed in the lake five minutes before the match starts
There is a maximum of 75lbs of fish per net. Any weight found to be over the limit will be deducted from the 75lb limit. If four nets are used with an even spread of fish the net limit will not apply
Loose fed pellets must be fishery pellets bought on site and must be fed in pellet form and not wetted down. Slightly dampened to ensure they all sink is acceptable
Paste must be made only from fishery pellets and must be lowered in and not cupped in
A maximum of two tins of meat is allowed, minimum 4mm cubes
Method feeders are not allowed
Bankside vegetation must not be pulled out or cut down
Only barbless hooks to maximum size 12 to be used
Floating baits are not allowed
No hemp
No bloodworm or jokers
no groundbait
Rods or poles must not be left unattended in the lakes

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