The Flight Match Pool Woods Farm Fishery

Haslucks Green Road and
Bills Lane
West Midlands

Telephone: 0121 430 4000

Flight Match Pool

Part of the Woods Farm Fishery in Shirley, Solihull, on the outskirts of Birmingham, Flight Match Pool is reached by walking down the Grand Union Canal towpath to the side of the Haslucks Green Road car park, the Flight Match Pool has to be one of the most picturesque, secluded and diverse match fisheries around.

Flight Match PoolForget any ideas about regular shaped waters with even depths and a carefully balanced mix of species and sizes, this pool is partially surrounded by trees and only a few of the 34 pegs are visible from any one point. Indeed, it looks more like a carp and tench haunt than a match fishery and is absolutely delightful.

Because it is not on the main Woods Farm Fishery site, the entrance to the pool is kept locked, although the water can be booked by groups of anglers who either want to hold their own private matches and scrambles or who simply want the joy of hiring a delightful and productive water for the day and having it all to themselves.

Indeed, even the extravagant, eccentric and wealthy individual can hire Flight Pool for the day if they are prepared to pay the £150 at weekend or £7.00 a peg mid-week for groups of anglers. To book Flight Match Pool please contact Marie Gilbert on 0121 430 4000.

Flight Match PoolMore heavily stocked than the other two pools at Woods Farm but containing the same species and sizes, Flight Pool varies in depth throughout although it mainly runs from about 10ft deep in the bowl where you enter the water to seven feet throughout much of its length and down to four feet at the far end. However, with holes and pockets it is always worth plumbing the depth before fishing.

Although Flight Pool is away from the other two pools at Woods Farm, the techniques for fishing it are much the same as for Bills Lane and Bridge pools. However, boilies and trout pellets are not allowed although trout pellet paste can be used whilst a particularly effective 'groundbait' is liquidised bread.

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