The new anglers' lodge at Fisherwick Lakes Fisherwick Lakes

Fisherwick Wood Lane
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Tel: 01543 433606 (office)

Prototype boilie lands unknown specimen for 'Batman' Mick

'Batman' Mick  with his unknown Fisherwick Lakes fishMick Smith - known to his friends as Batman because he wears shorts over his trousers and has Batman stickers all over his car - caught a specimen Fisherwick Lakes never knew they had when he took this 26lb 5oz ghost common whilst fishing the venue's Specimen Lake. (Click on the photograph for a larger image).

The fish, believed to be a descendant of a bull-nose common the fishery had for many years, was caught one afternoon at the end of October on a prototype tandoori flavoured boilie which Mick was testing for by Phil at Misty baits.

Mick is pictured above with his catch and Fisherwick Lakes' former manager Peter Jackson - himself doing a superb impression of a Batman villain. Click on the photograph for a larger image.

Change of Specimen Lake availability for non-members

Due to the increased number of anglers taking out membership, Fisherwick Lakes will now only allow non-member day ticket anglers to fish the Specimen Lake from Sundays to Thursdays. This will give members more space for their sessions at weekends.

Mike sets a new Fisherwick Lakes cat record

Mike Elliot with his record Fisherwick catfishWhittington angler Mike Elliot had a battle like no other when he landed Fisherwick Lakes' new record catfish on a very chaffed fluoro hooklink.

Fishing a single cell homemade boilie close in from the Big Point peg on Specimen Lake, the 70-year-old successfully landed the fish with some help from other members and weighed it in at 45lbs 9oz. After verification by former fishery manager Peter Jackson the big cat was released in good health.

Peter said: "The fish has put on 3lbs 11oz in the past 12 months, which is good growth rate, but we expect it to be knocking on the 50lb mark by the end of this summer."

The fish was one of 12 catfish ranging in size from 41lb 14oz down to 11lb 7oz which were supplied by Martyn Symonds of Homersfield Fish Farm and which were introduced into Specimen Lake following the granting over winter of a licence to stock Wels catfish. Several of the big fish have already been caught.

Mike, who is pictured above with his catch, now gets a free session next time he visits Fisherwick Lakes.

The seating area which juts out into Specimen LakeTremendous changes are taking place at Fisherwick Lakes which have seen the opening of an impressive new anglers' lodge and car park overlooking Specimen Lake at the entrance to the site, the dividing of the former match lake into two new match pools, the dividing of the old trout lake to create a new carp runs water and a new trout lake, and the building of a new silver fish water which opened in 2013. Work has also been carried out to slightly reconfigure The Stream which has added to the charm of this intimate water.

Inside the new anglers' lodge at Fisherwick LakesThe new anglers lodge (top of the page) replaces the former ageing portacabin-style lodge which could be found at the far end of the entrance track. The new building incorporates a spacious modern cafe with a verandah jutting out into Specimen Pool (above) where anglers can enjoy a range of food and drink. The new lodge also sells a small range of coarse and fly fishing tackle.

With the opening of the new fishing lodge there are now two new car parks serving the Fisherwick Lakes complex. The first is next to the new lodge whilst the other can be found half way along the perimeter track at the top of Wadeys Pool and next to the two new match pools.

The new Trout Lake at Fisherwick LakesThe new trout lake opened for business on April 1, 2015 following a major stocking of nearly 500 fish weighing between 1lb 8oz to over 6lbs. More than 20 fish weigh about 3lbs.

These were supplemented the following month with a further stocking of 200 hard fighting rainbows, including a couple of double figure fish, and the rod average since the lake opened currently stands at four per rod.

The new Island match pool at Fisherwick LakesMeanwhile, a central embankment has been created in the former large open match lake to create a new Match Pool and the smaller new Bridge Match Pool (right), both of which will be used for match and pleasure fishing.

The new Match Pool has been built to provide a depth of five feet in the margins off both the bank and the island and 10 feet in the centre track whilst the new Bridge Match Pool is unconventional in the anglers fish off the island which is connected to the mainbank by a new bridge.

These changes, together with the slight alterations to The Stream and the digging of the new Ripple Pool, are making Fisherwick Lakes into a superb venue where the requirements of modern angling blend with history on a site which used to be part of the old Fisherwick Hall estate, the stately home of the former Marquis of Donegal in the 18th Century.

The new Match Pool at Fisherwick LakesAlthough the original Fisherwick Hall only survived for about 50 years - reputedly thanks to the Marquis's passion for gambling and the urgency of his creditors who took everything they could including the stonework to pay for his losses!

However, the original coach house escaped their ravages and still stands at Fisherwick Hall - all that remains of this once splendid house.

Set in 32 acres, Fisherwick Lakes themselves now offer day-ticket coarse and game fishing on a total of 10 lakes and pools which for the most part were originally gravel workings and which now offer a wide variety of sport from large open waters to small, reed-lined and lily-clad pools. The current record carp, set in 2001, was a lovely 29lbs 12oz common carp.

The new Dave's Runs water at Fisherwick LakesIn addition to the creation of the new waters, work has recently been completed on the laying of hard stone paths from the car park at the new lodge all the way around the lakes, making the banksides easily accessible in all weathers. Anglers must book in and park by lodge before dropping any tackle to pegs. Further instructions on parking will be given when anglers have booked in.

Fisherwick Lakes was established in 1982 and is operated on a membership and day-ticket basis. Members pay an annual subscription of £70.00 (£60.00 on renewal) in return for which they receive 'free' coarse fishing and reduced rates for trout fishing. Husband and wife membership is available at £120 and concessions at £60.00 (£50.00 on renewal).

Part of The Stream at Fisherwick LakesFisherwick membership also allows members to night fish Specimen Lake. Night fishing is restricted to members only and to a maximum of 10 night anglers on the lake at any one time. When the lake is busy anglers are asked to be considerate and to fish a maximum of two rods only. Night fishing pegs must be booked in advance with Fishery Manager James Woods on 01543 433606 or 07786 131329.

James is also regularly on hand to help anglers on the bank. He is very up-to-date with modern carp fishing methods, rigs, tactics and bait.

Match bookings are welcome at just £5.00 per peg. Matches should be booked in advance and fees paid at the time of fishing.

Day ticket and night anglers are reminded that they must take their litter home with them as many of the litter bins which had been provided have now been removed because they were attracting vermin. Anglers should also note that floating baits are only allowed on the Specimen Carp Lake.

Opening Times

The fishery is open all year except Christmas day and New Years Day

All year 8.00am at the latest until dusk

Members may fish early morning. Those wishing to do so
can obtain the codes for the gates from fishery staff.

Day Ticket costs - Coarse Fishing (Non-members)

Type of Ticket
£6.00 (one rod only)
OAP/Under 16s
£4.00 (one rod only)
Dave's Runs Water
£8.00 (two rods max)
Specimen Carp Lake
£10.00 (one rod)
£12.00 (two rods)

Members fishing Specimen Pool and Dave's Runs Water will be charged a supplement of £3.00 for a 12 hour ticket and £6.00 for a 24 hour ticket.
Non-members must be off site by the time displayed in the evenings as the gates will be locked at night. Should anyone be locked in they must ring 07786 131329 for the code.

Trout Fishing costs - (Non-members)

One fish ticket
£12.00 plus catch/release up to three fish
Three fish ticket
£18.00 + catch/release up to 3 fish
Five fish ticket
£25.00 + catch/release up to 3 fish

There will be a discount of £2.00 per ticket for members of the fishery
Youngsters under 16 can share an adult ticket and bag limit

Looking across Fisherwick's new Trout LakeNew Trout Lake

The new three-and-a-half acre trout lake opened at the end of March, since when over 1,700 rainbows and browns have been stocked.

Improvements have allowed stocking through the summer months. The improvements involved taking the average depths from six feet to over 12 feet with the deepest areas around the sunken island being over 20 feet. This island towards the north end of the lake provides an area from where many buzzer hatches occur.

The new lake has been landscaped with nine long fingers to give anglers good casting and enabling them to target fish in the centre of the lake. Deep margins were added to aid safe fish release and minimize weed growth. The lake has good clarity which enables the feeding trout to see their food clearly and help anglers to stalk and spot cruising fish.

Fisherwick's new Trout LakeThe water inlet from the river has now been turned into a cascading waterfall with the water splashing down granite rocks to aid oxygen levels when lake top ups are required. A recirculation pump is used at other times.

The trout are stocked in the 1lb 8oz to 2lb 8oz mark and are supplied by Bibury Trout Farm in the Cotswolds and are as hardest fighting as you can get. The best rainbow to the end of August 2012 went 8lb 8oz with the biggest brown coming in at 6lb 12oz. During the same period an average of just under 2.5 fish per rod were taken. Trout lake is stocked on a put and take basis, with levels at around 200 fish per acre.

Looking across Fisherwick's new Trout LakeSince the lake opened the most popular and successful patterns have been buzzers, diawl bachs, damsels, black pennel, black spiders, GRHE, corixa and bloodworms. Sedge patterns and hoppers have also worked well on the surface. Floating and intermediate lines with long leaders have shown to work best.

The new lake is an ideal venue for novice, improver or expert anglers due to its size and varying depths - not too daunting for the novice but large enough for the expert.

Anglers must kill their bag limit before any catch and release takes place and any fish taken must be shown to staff before leaving the fishery and recorded at the lodge.

Fisherwick's new Trout LakeBecause of the depths close in there is strictly no wading allowed due and anglers are advised to wear an inflatable style waistcoat whilst fishing the venue. Eye protection should also be worn.

Anglers fishing on a catch and release ticket are allowed three rainbows to be released after killing the bag limit of rainbows first. All browns must be returned. Catch and release anglers must use barbless flies only. Anglers who do not want to keep their catch can take their fish to the lodge so they can be given to someone who wants fish for the table. The fishery also allows fish over 2lbs 8oz to be released back into the lake.

The new Match PoolThe New Match Pool

At one-and-three-quarter acres in size and accommodating 31 pegs, the New Match Lake opened in spring 2012 after a major reshaping and extensive restocking. It is now the venue's main match water and is available for use by pleasure anglers when now being used for competitions. The match record already stands at 98lbs 1oz.

A general mixed coarse fishery, it was stocked with more than 4,500 common and mirror carp from 8oz to 6lbs together with tench, bream, roach and perch. The bream go to 8lbs and tench to 3lbs. With a stocking rate of over 2000lbs of fish per acre, this promises to be a great venue for the future.

The new Match Pool at Fisherwick LakesThe lake has a central island at 17 metres from the main bank and a five feet deep marginal shelf. It is deepest in the channel down the middle where up to 10 feet of water can be found. Due to its uniform nature the lake can produce from almost any peg with only the corner pegs being an advantage on some occasions.

Top tactics so far have proved to be the short pole when fisahed with pellet, maggot, worm, sweetcorn and meat, particularly in the margins. Fishing the tip or waggler to island is also proving very productive. As with the other Fisherwick waters, feed pellets must be purchased from the fishery although these are sold at competitive rates.

The new Bridge Match Pool at Fisherwick LakesBridge Match Pool

Bridge pool was added to the Fisherwick complex early in 2012 and is about an acre in size with fishing from the 23 pegs on the island which is linked via the bridge which gives the pool its name.

Bridge Pool was designed for groups of anglers wanting to fish close together but can also be used for matches with anglers pegged further apart by missing out every other peg.

Stocked with small crucians, tench, silver fish and mirror and common carp which go from six inches to 6lbs, the lake averages about six feet deep but drops to 10 feet in the centre track. It is suited to both pole and traditional float fishing.

The RacetrackThe Race Track

The Racetrack - two former artificial 'streams' which were once supplied with moving water from pumps and used for salmon fishing - have been turned into a very attractive and popular mixed fishery with 41 pegs and the accent on bankside vegetation and good sport.

Until 2001 The Racetrack was two separate waters - The Short Stream and the Long Stream which were both a similar shape to a doughnut. However, these have now been joined into one continous water.

Ideal for the waggler or poleAlthough only two rod lengths wide for the most part, The Racetrack is a 800 yard long continuous loop with an average depth of about three and a half feet and plenty of reeds, lilies and trees.

The deepest part tends to be by the car park where it reaches eight feet and the shallowest parts are at the end nearest Pump Pool where it is about five feet.

With mirror, common and ghost carp to 15lbs, tench to 6lbs, perch to 3lbs 8oz plus a lot of crucian carp to 1lb and roach and rudd to a similar size, there are plenty of fish to provide a varied and interesting day's fishing. Also, The Racetrack is an ideal pool for children because there are a lot of small perch and tench which are easily caught.

Another nice peg on The RacetrackThe best fish tend to be caught near the reeds during the summer and all baits are equally effective.

Fish pole or rod but be careful - once a decent fish is hooked it usually makes straight for the nearest patch of weed, reed or bankside vegetation.

Hotspots are Pegs 1, 5, 8, 10 and 13 and 36 to 41 which should be fished right in against cover with sweetcorn, meat or maggot. Near the reeds, Pegs 24 and 25 are good for the carp and tench but strong tackle should be used because there are also overhanging willows.

No - it's not the jungle - it's the RacetrackAnother favoured pegs is Peg 4 for carp, tench, crucians, roach and rudd.

Fishing is good all round The Racetrack and there are plenty of features such as reeds, weedbeds and overhanging trees to make use of. Again, pole or waggler can be used, although anglers using the pole have to be careful because there are 15-feet high trees along the bank and the bankside trees, shrubs and bushes are growing well!

When using the waggler, fish either close in or towards the far bank using 3lb bottom to 2lb 8oz hook length. Hook sizes can be anything from 10 to 18 depending on the species you are going after.

A great venue when it's 'on'Pump and Triangle Pools

Pump Pool (right) and Triangle Pool (below) are two separate pools which are very similar in nature and which hold the same species and sizes of fish as The Stream with the exception of barbel and chub.

Both are ideal for those who love to fish smaller, more 'natural' waters which look and feel more like good old fashioned farmers' pools. Despite their size, however, Pump and Triangle offer good quality fish and both respond well to pole or waggler.

Triangle - smaller and secluded - but good fishBoth pools average about four feet in depth shallowing to two or three feet round the margins and tend to be either 'on' or 'off'. Anglers who fish the pools regularly say you can go there one day and not have a bite - give them a go the following day and you can be hauling out 12lb carp like the one below.

Pump Pool has overhanging alder trees on the bank next to the trout lake and these make a popular haunt for the carp - as do the overhanging willows. There is also a lily bed in the middle which is usually the first place the fish head for when they are hooked.

A lovely 12lb Triangle commonPopular pegs on Triangle Pool are again along the Trout Lake bank where a reed bed forms a popular 'hot spot' and near the overhanging trees which makes a haunt for the carp.

However, as one would expect with small pools, you should be able to attract the fish to your swim wherever you fish and fishing pellets, luncheon meat, sweetcorn, maggots or caster over a nice compact bed of feeder pellets should usually bring the fish around.

Fisherwick Lakes 'Big Carp' waterSpecimen Lake

Due to the increased number of anglers taking out membership, Fisherwick Lakes will now only allow non-member day ticket anglers to fish the Specimen Lake from Sundays to Thursdays. This will give members more space for their sessions at weekends.

Offering a total of 17 pegs, Fisherwick Lake's Specimen Pool is the water which is overlooked from the lodge. At three and a half acres in size it varies greatly in depth ranging from as little as three feet to as much as 28 feet in what is known as 'The Deep Hole' - an area where at times the fish sit mid-water. Because of this it is worth anglers new to the water to make careful use of a marker rod as fish are never caught in the deepest area. During the warmer months the margins produce most catches.

Plenty to go atThe carp average around 15lbs is weight although there are known to be about 30 different twenties in the lake, the best topping 28lb 4oz.

The lake is best fished with either boilies or pellets in light application as large beds of bait tend to be ignored. Fruit or fishmeal flavours work have so far proved to work best, although anglers shouldn't rule out sweetcorn or meat and surface fishing in the summer.

Plenty of cover from the fishAs with the new Dave's Runs Water bait boats and spodding are not allowed and anglers must go equipped with an unhooking mat and a minium 36 inch landing net. Once again, only prebooked members can night fish although the fishery points out that joining as a member does not automatically entitle anglers to night fish straight away.

Anglers fishing Specimen Lake must use a minimum line strength of 12lbs and only barbless hooks should be used.

The new Dave's Runs water at Fisherwick LakesThe new Dave's Runs Water

The Runswater, now know as Dave's Runs Water, is six acres in size and was formerly part of the old trout lake. It has an average depth of six feet and there are several gravel bars which are worth finding as these are features where the fish like to gather.

The deepest part of the lake can be found off the oak tree where depths go down to 10 feet.

The new Dave's Runs water at Fisherwick LakesThe lake was stocked in 2011 with over 500 carp averaging around 9lbs but running to 15lbs, making Dave's Runs Water an ideal venue for the budding carp angler visiting Fisherwick Lakes for short sessions.

In addition to the carp there are also some quality bream to 9lbs, making the lake good for the feeder angler.

Dave's Runs Water has a total of 12 pegs which means that there is plenty of space between anglers with little chance of them casting ovcer each other's lines.

The new Dave's Runs water at Fisherwick LakesSo far the most popular techniques for fishing the lake have been either a method feeder or using pva bags with crushed boilies or pellets. Meat and corn work well for hook baits.

Anglers should note that bait boats and spodding are not allowed and that only prebooked members may night fish the water.

As with Specimen Lake, anglers fishing Dave's Runs Water must use a minimum line strength of 12lbs and have an unhooking mat and appropriate sized landing net. Only barbless hooks should be used.

The new Ripples water at Fisherwick LakesThe new Ripples Pool

Ripples Pool was excavated near the new car park and has been filled and stocked with silver fish to provide a good winter venue which is ideal for less able anglers.

Fishing on the lake is from the 10 pegs on one bank and the water has an average depth of about six feet. Work on developing this pool has still to be completed.

How to get there...

Click on the map to go to MultimapJoining the A38 from the A5, head north towards Burton on Trent and take the turning left sign posted Lichfield Industrial Estate. At the end of the slipway turn right and head under the A38. After about half a mile is a turning to the left sign posted Huddlesford. Take this and follow the lane through the countryside. Go under the railway bridge and immediately after the hump-back bridge you will see The Plough Inn on the right hand side. Here the road splits into three - take the middle road and after driving about two miles down the winding road you there is a cross roads, the fishery is signed from here. Click on the map for more detail.

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