Looking down on Becketts Pool at Coppice Lane PoolsCoppice Lane Pools

Coppice Lane
near Brownhills
West Midlands

Tel: 07933 488986 (general enquiries and
       Specimen Pool)
01543 376780 (Lodge)
0121 351 5198 (day) or 07702 695827 (evening) (match bookings)
07976 013011 (Season ticket information - evening only)

Fishing Coppice Lane - leave your stink bags at home!

Anglers should note that stink bags are not allowed at the poolside and that nets must be dry on arrival. To comply with Health and Safety regulations and insurance requirements anglers fishing Specimen Lake overnight must report to the lodge on arrival and fill in a card with their name, address, contact telephone number and vehicle registration number. If the lodge is closed cards must be put in the safe at the pay station cards.

The gates are locked automatically at 7.00pm in summer with winter closing times being posted at the pay station. They re-open at 7.00am. Appropriate specimen equipment must used at all times (no sharing). Further information can be obtained from either Paul on 07913 017861 or Jamie on 07933 488986.

The new clubhouse at Coppice Lane PoolsUntil a few years ago Coppice Lane Pools was owned by a local farmer who ran the fishery very much as a sideline to his main interests. In 2005, however, this all changed following the purchase of the pools and a 14-acre adjoining field by a group of three local anglers from the same family - Lawrence, Paul and Martin Beckett.

Since taking over the fishery they have implemented a programme of work which has developed Coppice Lane into an attractive, diverse and productive fishery aimed at specimen, pleasure and small club match anglers. It is open from 7.00am until 7.00pm every day in summer and from 7.00am until 4.00pm in winter.

Inside the new clubhouse at Coppice Lane PoolsThe Lodge is open to all visitors six days a week. Run by family friendly staff, it offers breakfasts, hot and cold sandwiches, snacks and refreshments to eat in or takeaway from 7.30am until 1.00pm from Wednesday to Sunday inclusive. Full details of what is available can be obtained by telephoning Sue on 07961 471567.

The Lodge also has ladies, gents and disabled toilet facilities which are available 24-hours a day for specimen anglers and sells a range of baits including Coppice Lane's own feeder pellets.

Work was also completed about five years ago on a new two-and-a-half acre specimen pool which has matured nicely. Aimed at dedicated and experienced specimen anglers, the new lake is stocked only with double figure fish and is open to all anglers aged 18 and over. Fish are currently being caught to over 28lbs with the average size now 20lbs.

Two cracking commons from Coppice Lne's new Specimen PoolAll anglers wanting to fish Specimen Pool, including those who want to fish just for a day, should book and pay in advance by contacting Jamie on 07933 488986 or by visiting the fishery. Payment is by Internet Bank Transfer. Full details are available below. The gates to the new pool will be locked between dusk and 7.00am. Jamie should only be contacted before 5.30pm and is not available on Tuesdays or Sundays.

The original three pools have been restocked with hundreds of tench, carp and crucians, a move which has put a new lease of life into what were previously predominantly carp waters, transforming Coppice Lane into a mixed fishery which offers the opportunity for anglers to use a diverse range of angling styles to catch a wide variety of fish species.

Becketts Pool at Coppice Lane PoolsBecketts Pool (left), is an established one-acre match pool which is designed to cater for all aspects of pleasure and match fishing. Half of the pool is within pole distance to a long sunken island which is covered by a bed of reeds. The remainder of the pool is open water where two islands can be reached by waggler, ledger or feeder.

Stocked predominantly with mirrors, commons and tench, Becketts opened in Spring 2007 and offers some great fishing. An informal match held before the opening saw 20 anglers catch more than 450lbs of fish between them in five hours.

Bridge Pool at Coppice Lane PoolsThe individual match record currently stands at 134lbs and was set by Clive Poole from Brownhills who pole fished meat and corn in the margins.

Meanwhile, another nicely maturing water is the new 31-peg canal style Bridge Match Pool (right) which was stocked with a mix of carp, tench, skimmer bream, roach and chub and which is not only already proving popular with anglers but also highly productive with excellent catches being reported.

With 13-metres from each peg to the opposite bank, the pool has been built with a three-feet deep shelf mirrored on both sides all the way round and a six feet six inch deep track. All the pegs have concrete bases and the pool should prove to be an ideal pole anglers' match venue complete with its own poolside car park and on-site toilets.

Top Pool at Coppice Lane PoolsTop Pool (left) is still very much a carp orientated water with the five-hour match record standing at 159lb, although for pleasure anglers it is not uncommon for 100lb-plus bags to be caught in a session. Being the nearest water to the car park it is also probably the most popular Coppice Lane Pools water.

Bottom (below right) and Middle (below left) pools are stocked with different varieties fish that offer good sport to both novice and experienced angler. The planting of trees, bushes and lilies have also provided additional cover and features to fish to, whilst toilet facilities are now available on site.

Bottom Pool at Coppice Lane PoolsMatch bookings are available for clubs with 12 or more members, subject to availability.

Coppice Lane Pools is an unusual venue in that it is one of the few fisheries which trust anglers to pay for their day tickets in an honesty box in the purpose-built pay station next to the entrance to the site.

Anglers should follow the instructions at the pay station, where they will also find details of closing times, and proceed to fish. Anglers found not to have paid in advance are given one of two options - either pay a £10.00 day ticket fee instead of the usual £7.00 - or be banned from the fishery for life! A team of bailiffs visits the pools several times throughout the day and evening.

Middle Pool at Coppice LaneThe changes the new owners have implemented have been well received by both day ticket anglers and season ticket holders. These include restricting the use of keepnets to matches and requiring junior anglers under the age of 16 to be accompanied by an adult.

Coppice Lane holds regular Saturday Open Matches with the draw being taken at 9.00am and fishing from 10.00am until 3.00pm. Anglers interested in taking part are asked to contact Jamie on 07933 488986. The fishery also provides angling tuition through qualified angling coach Neil Powell. Neil can be contacted through his Facebook page which can be found by searching for 'Neil Powell Angling Coaching'.

On the ground, work has been carried out to repair staging and pegs on all pools and the planting of additional shrubs and trees around Top Lake to enable it to blend more naturally into the surroundings and give increase cover for anglers and wildlife.

The pay station at Coppice Lane PoolsBecause the approaches to the water and the banks are very flat, Top Pool is ideal for disabled anglers as are several pegs on Middle Pool and the pegs nearest the car park on the new Becketts Pool. Poolside parking is also available for disabled anglers on Top Pool. Coppice Lane welcomes enquiries from disabled angling clubs which would like to hold competitions at the venue.

Baits allowed at Coppice Lane are maggots, casters, worm, sweetcorn, carp pellets, soft hooker pellets, paste, cubed luncheon meat and bread on the hook only. All other baits are banned. The maximum permitted hook size is Size 12 and anglers should not use floating baits, barbed hooks, method feeders or bolt rigs. Keepnets are allowed only in matches and landing nets must be used at all times. Anglers should note that they must not stand up whilst being photographed holding fish. Also stink bags are not allowed by the pool side and should be left in vehicles.

All anglers must have a landing net and groundbait is not allowed.

Pools available for club matches include the new Becketts Pool (32 pegs), Top Pool (20 pegs) and the new 31-peg Bridge Canal Pool.

2020 Ticket Costs

Ticket type
Day Tickets - (7.00am to 7.00pm)
(one rod only)
(one rod only)
Specimen Pool Day Ticket (two rods)
Specimen Pool 24-hour Ticket (two rods)
Specimen Pool 36-hour Ticket (two rods)
Specimen Pool 48-hour Ticket (two rods)

Specimen Pool Internet Payments

Anglers looking to fish Specimen Pool for more than a day must book and pay in advance either by visiting the fishery or by making an Internet Bank Transfer to: NatWest Bank; Sort Code: 51-70-32; Account Number: 80582907. Anglers should include their own name, the date they require to fish and desired peg number as a reference. Bookings will only be accepted on receipt of payment.

Anglers must be 18 or over to fish the new Specimen Pool.
Ticket must be purchased from the Pay Station before fishing.
Day Ticket anglers found not to have pre-paid will be charged £10.00
Juniors under 16 must be accompanied - spectators are not allowed without permission.
Specimen Pool spectators are charged at £5.00 each (one spectator per peg)
Please note that the gates open at 7.00am and lock automatically at 7.00pm in summer. Details of winter gate locking times are posted by the Pay Station.
Anglers who call out the bailiff to be released will be charged £25.00.
Angling clubs should ensure they have their own third party liability insurance when fishing matches at Coppice Lane (and other day-ticket venues).

Winter Club matches attract a discounted price of £5.00 per peg from November until the end of February.

Some nice Coppice Lane match catches...

... and some nice Coppice Lane carp

Top left is Craig Wilde with his Specimen Lake record fish. (click here for a larger image)

Top Pool at Coppice LaneTop Pool

Popular with both pleasure and match anglers, the three-quarter acre Top Pool is the first water you come to on entering Coppice Lane Pools and although only 10 years old is heavily stocked, holding a large head of fish in a concentrated area.

Rectangular in shape with a long central island, it has 28 pegs and is deepest at the end furthest from the entrance where a nine-foot hole can be found just off the end of the island before the water shallows to six feet.

One of the two corner pegs at the far endAlong both sides there is about four-and-a-half feet of water whilst out from the entrance bank it is only about three feet deep. The pool was constructed with a shelf all the way round which is about two feet under the surface and runs out about three feet into the water - an ideal spot for picking up cruising carp in the summer months.

Holding predominantly mirrors and commons from 3lbs to 15lbs, Top Pool was restocked a few years ago and all the silver fish distributed between Bottom and Middle Pools. This has turned Top Pool into a predominantly carp water although there are tench to 4lbs.

Fishing across to the island on Top PoolAn ideal pole water, Top Pool is also popular with waggler anglers whilst many of the locals from nearby Hammerwich and Burntwood also fish it with a swimfeeder, both to the island and in open water. Although it has 28 pegs, it is never used for matches of more than 20 entrants to ensure that there are pegs for pleasure anglers when there is a match.

Although Top Pool has no particularly favoured pegs, some anglers prefer to head for the corners - the entrance end being favoured in summer because it is shallower and the far end in winter because it is deeper.

The pole is popular on Top PoolWith the central island being 13 metres from both main banks, fishing to it with the pole is popular as it enables anglers to place their bait against the island. Most popular baits for doing this tend to be caster, corn, soft hooker pellets, paste and maggots. Try shallow in the summer and feed pellets lightly.

When fishing the pole in summer, a minimum of a Size 14 elastic with a 14s or 16s hook is recommended. In winter it is recommended that anglers fish light with a Size 10 elastic.

Getting stuck in on Top PoolAnother popular technique is to fish up in the water at the far end of the pool using pole or waggler whilst other favoured techniques are to fish the swimfeeder either against the island or in open water and to fish the waggler close in to the margins, particularly in summer.

Top Pool also fished well in winter with one angler taking 35 carp fishing only a foot deep whilst spraying maggots every cast. However, most anglers tend to go for a more traditional approach in the colder months, fishing worm, maggots, casters, corn or pellets.

Middle Pool at Coppice Lane PoolsMiddle Pool

Much work has recently been completed on Middle Pool including removing silt, installing new landing stages removing some of the trees and shrubs which had invaded the water and replacing them with younger specimens. Parts of the pool have also been made deeper and the pool slightly widened.

The place to head to for carp to about 5lbs, crucians and many quality silver fish over the 1lb mark, some of which were introduced when the pools were restocked in February 2010, Middle Pool is an attractive 'natural' water for anglers who like traditional fishing.

Ideal for those who want to get away from the main thrust of things, Middle Pool is oval shaped with an island at one end and a bed of reeds running between it and the bank, pretty to look at but ideal for fish to bolt to once they have been hooked!

Near the island on Middle PoolAround much of the sides, the pool is only two to three feet deep whilst just over five feet can be found just off the island in the main body of the pool and a maximum of six feet or so in the centre. This makes the pool ideal for waggler or pole.

This water holds tench which were stocked about six years ago and are now weighing in at over 2lbs. There are also large numbers of roach and rudd to a similar size and a small head of skimmer bream to over 2lbs.

However, the hardest fighting fish are the mirror and common carp which now run up to over 5lbs.

Fishing down the side on Middle PoolMost popular techniques are to fish the pole or waggler, either 12 to 18 inches deep in open water with single maggot or caster for the rudd and roach or close in the margins, up against the island or amongst the reeds for the carp, tench and bream. However, if fishing near the reeds you will need to scale up your tackle as the fish know immediately where to head for when hooked.

Middle Pool is a good water all year round and almost anything goes as far as bait is concerned in the summer, whilst in the colder months maggots, pellets, caster, corn and worm work best.

Open water on Bottom PoolBottom Pool

As with Middle Pool, the origins of Bottom Pool are again virtually unknown, believed to be natural farm ponds or ponds created over 30 years ago. Whatever its origins, Bottom Pool is another pretty, out-of-the-way water with some interesting features at its far end. It is an ideal water for anglers who want to get away from the thrust of things.

An ideal place to head for if you want to fish for the unknown, Bottom Pool is about two to three feet deep around the margins. Whilst shallow at just three feet at its deepest at the inlet end, it drops to between six and seven feet in the centre by the outlet.

Bottom Pool is ideal for anglers of all agesWith carp up to 12lbs and averaging about 4lbs to 5lbs, Bottom Pool is again a mainly silver fish water with perch, tench and skimmers to about 1lb 8oz and roach and rudd to about 1lb. There are also good heads of crucian carp which average about 1lb.

A general pleasure water, Bottom Pool is again ideal for pole or waggler with anglers tending to use quite fine tackle and techniques vary from fishing up in the water for the roach and rudd to fishing on the bottom in open water or close into the margins for patrolling fish.

Most favoured baits again tend to be caster, corn, soft hooker pellets and maggots in summer and maggots, casters and worm in winter.

Becketts Pool at Coppice LaneBecketts Pool

Roughly an acre in size, Becketts Pool is the shape of a guitar with a large base which incorporates two islands and a long straight stretch with a sunken island planted with reeds down the centre.

The average depth is about six feet off the ledges and the deepest area is about nine feet. The pool has two inside ledges which will make it ideal for margin fishing. It has 32 well spaced pegs that are easily accessible from the new car park with the remainder being only a short walk away.

There's plenty of vegetation on the new Becketts PoolThe pool is stocked mainly with mirrors, commons, tench and crucians to 3lbs as well as skimmers, roach and rudd. The carp now run to 16lbs.

In one match, 14 anglers caught more than 450lbs of fish between them in five hours. The current record is 134lbs in five hours whilst average weights are around 45lbs. Favoured pegs include Pegs 4, 8, 12, 14, 18 and 25.

Looking back from the far end of the new Becketts PoolIt is a pole and waggler angler's dream as there are no snags in any of the pegs, and all have inside reeds which the fish love to congregate around.

Generally you only need to fish between four to six meters out just off the ledge. Favorite baits are pellet, corn, casters and paste. Recommendations for set up are Size 12 to 14 elastic, 4lb to 6lb line and 14s to 18s hook. In winter, fishing to the islands with a swimfeeder has already produced good results.

Another shot of Becketts Pool at Coppice Lane PoolsThe pegs have been designed to cater for all requirements and incorporate a flat concrete base with imprints to give grip in the wet, two keepnet holders for use in matches and an umbrella pole holder.

Although there is a small step down to all of the pegs, the water is suitable for accompanied disabled anglers.

For those who like to fish the feeder and waggler, the islands are between 30 and 35 meters away. Either spraying maggots or casters up in the water to tight dropping a light feeder or lead tight to the reeds on the island can produce results.

Near the far end of Becketts PoolWith depths that vary between six feet down the centre of the track to between eight and nine feet in the deepest areas, the pool has two inside ledges which will make it ideal for margin fishing. It will have about 30 well spaced pegs that are easily accessible from the new car park with the remainder being only a short walk away.

Match bookings are now being taken for Becketts and Bridge Canal Pool for 2016 and 2017. For details of prices and availability please contact Lawrence Beckett on 0121 351 5198 or 07702 695827 (mobile). Alternatively, please call Paul on 07913 017861 (mobile - evenings only); Martin on 07976 013011 (mobile) for general information or the Jamie, the Fishery Manager, on 07933 488986 in the daytime.

Bridge Pool at Coppice LaneBridge Canal Pool

Opened in March 2009, the new 31-peg Bridge Canal Pool at Coppice Lane is ideal for pole, waggler or swimfeeder fishing, having been built to give 13 metres to the island from most pegs, a three feet deep shelf all the way round the edge and a six feet deep track in the centre.

Stocked with a mix of mirror and common carp between 8oz to 5lbs, tench and skimmers to a similar size and roach and chub averaging 8oz, this is an easy water to fish with good quality pegs and a flat, even bank which is suitable for disabled anglers in dry weather.

The new Bridge Pool at Coppice LaneThe matches that have been held so far on Bridge Canal Pool have thrown up some impressive weights with anglers needing on average between 30lbs and 50lbs to be in the frame. These match weights have been fairly consistent as the pool holds a 50/50 mix of silver fish and carp. One pleasure angler reported netting 105 carp at a sitting and the current match record stands at 100lbs 12oz which was again set by Clive Poole in 2011 with a bream and carp catch taken on paste fished to the island. Anglers should note that keepnets are allowed only in matches.

Because it has been developed as a canal style match water, Bridge Pool has proved popular with pole anglers fishing the long pole to the island or the short pole down the track. So far the most popular technique has been to fish light and to feed little and often.

Flat even banks surround the new Bridge Pool at Coppice LaneMany anglers also favour fishing the waggler either close into the margins or in the centre of the track, whilst those wanting to fish near the island are also going for small cage feeders or straight through Arlesey bombs.

The most popular baits so far have been soft hooker carp pellets, sweetcorn, paste baits, casters, chopped worm and maggots, all fished over micro-feeder pellets which have been first dampened down.

If the success of the new Becketts Pool is anything to go by, it won't be long before the new Bridge Canal Pool is proving ever more popular with anglers as both pleasure and match weights climb.

The new Specimen Lake at Coppice LaneSpecimen Carp Lake

Opened in 2012, the Specimen Carp Lake at Coppice Lane Pools has has matured nicely and has been designed with dedicated and experienced anglers in mind, being stocked only with double figure fish which are now being caught to 28lbs 12oz. The average size of fish is now 20lbs.

About three acres in size, it averages five feet in depth with a sunken island and has four spacious grass pegs on either bank of the water. It is available for day tickets and longer stays to anglers aged 18 and over.

Specimen Lake at Coppice LaneAnglers looking to stay for more than a day must book and pay in advance either by visiting the fishery or by making an Internet Bank Transfer to: NatWest Bank; Sort Code: 51-70-32; Account Number: 80582907. Anglers should include their own name, the date they require to fish and desired peg number as a reference. Bookings will only be accepted on receipt of payment.

The lake is predominantly stocked with commons and mirrors although about 10 per cent of the fish are leather and ghost carp.

Specimen Lake at Coppice LaneAlthough the water has been dug with a gradually sloping bottom which runs from one to three feet at the car park end down to six feet at the far end, there is a large submerged island about two feet under the surface in the centre of the lake which covers about a third of the total area of the lake. This is where the fish love to hold up in warmer weather and is a good target for summer fishing.

Tried and tested carp fishing methods have worked well so far but it still pays to experiment with techniques and baits. So far most anglers have had success fishing pop-up boilies with anglers saying they do well using zig-zag rigs. Most anglers also bait their swims using pva bags packed with pellets and sweetcorn.

Craig Wilde setting up on Specimen Lake at Coppice LaneThe lake record was held until 2016 by Oldbury angler Craig Wilde (pictured right) with his capture of a 25lbs 6oz common taken in March 2016. Craig, who runs CND Baits, was fishing one of CND's own 12mm King Crab Wafters on a drop back rig about 60 yards out from Peg 1.

Pegs need to be booked and paid for in advance by contacting Jamie on 07933 488986. Jamie should only be contacted before 5.30pm and is not available on Tuesdays or Sundays. For security purposes the gates to the new pool will be locked between dusk and 7.00am.

Some nice 2017 Specimen Pool catches

Click on the photographs for larger images.

2017 and 2018 were both good years on Coppice Lane's Specimen Pool with several fish well over 20lbs coming to the bank. A new lake record which was set at 26lbs 15oz (photo above centre) has subsequently been broken by the same fish at 28lb 8oz (see Coppice Lane's Facebook page).

Visit Coppice Lane Pools on the Net

Coppice Lane Pools now have their own website at where a wide selection of information, news and photographs can be seen. Just follow the link to visit their site.

How to get there...

Click on the map for more detailCoppice Lane Pools is just a few miles through the countryside from the Muckley Corner roundabout on the A5 near Brownhills.

On the roundabout, drive into Hall Lane next to the petrol station and follow this road. After about half a mile Hall Lane joins Coppice Lane. On a right hand bend you will see a small pond on the right and as you come out of the corner a triangle of grass with a road going off to the right. Take this and the entrance to Coppice Lane Pools immediately on your right.

Satnav owners should enter the postcode WS7 0JY.

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