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Chorley Springs reopens Wednesday, 20 May

Chorley Springs reopens for angling on Wednesday, 20 May but overnight fishing will not be allowed until further notice.

Chorley Springs changes hands

Chorley Springs has changed hands with the new owner looking to make several improvements to the fishery. Please check back shortly for more information.

Bottom Pool at Chorley Springs FisheryAbout five minutes drive from Lichfield, Burntwood and Rugeley but set in the heart of Staffordshire countryside on the fringes of Cannock Chase, Chorley Springs Fishery has been given a new lease of life following the arrival of new managers who have spent months restoring four existing spring-fed waters and developing a fifth which opened in 2011.

Until a few years ago the pools had been run by an angling club but when it relinquished its lease on the pools they quickly became overgrown, weeded and virtually impossible to fish.

Middle Pool at Chorley Springs FisheryHowever, after much hard work by a couple of keen carp anglers the pools re-opened for angling early in June 2010.

Although a little more work still needs to be done around some of the banks, the pools now offer the opportunity for fishing in natural looking surroundings where there is plenty of bankside cover and ample parking near the waters thanks to the creation of a new access road and car park. The fishery has also recently undergone a major re-stocking with both carp and silver fish.

Open from 7.00am until dusk for day ticket anglers and round the clock for those who want to night fish, the pools offer a mix of fishing from pleasure and match angling to fishing for specimen carp where the fish now run to over 20lbs.

Top Pool at Chorley Springs FisheryAlthough the three general coarse pools are only small, holding between 16 and 20 pegs each, they are attractive and very natural looking. They also hold a nice mix of fish from roach, bream, perch, crucians and tench to common, mirror, koi and leather carp into double figures.

Available for small club matches, these three pools are easy to fish which makes them ideal for anglers of all ages and abilities. Many of the pegs are also suitable for disabled anglers. Anglers should note that keepnets can only be used during matches.

Specimen Pool at Chorley Springs FisheryChorley Springs is serviced by a new gravel car park for the three smaller pools and separate grass parking for the larger specimen and runs pools.

The venue has also been designated a Caravan Club approved site for five caravans. Caravan fees are £12.00 per night with electric and £8.00 per night without electric. Each caravan receives one free day ticket. Future plans include the erection of a small office/tackle shop which will sell a range of general coarse and specialist carp terminal tackle as well as packet and tinned baits.

The new runs water at Chorley SpringsWhilst the fishery only re-opened in June 2010, the good head of existing fish, which have been supplemented by new stocks, has led to some good pleasure catches with several anglers already reporting they have taken over 100lbs of fish at a sitting.

The venue has also been given added interest with the opening of the new runs water (above left). Although this doesn't hold fish to the same size as Specimen Pool it is home to a a good head of mid double figure fish.

2020 Ticket costs and Opening Times

Anglers should pay at the Pay Station before fishing.
Payments on the bank cost an additional £3.00

Top/Middle/Bottom Pools
12 hours
Top/Middle/Bottom Pools
24 hours
Specimen and Runs Pools
12 hours
Specimen and Runs Pool
24 hours
Top, Middle and Bottom Pools Annual Permit

24-hour and annual tickets must be booked in advance by telephoning 07564 999582
Matches for up to 15 pegs can be booked for between 9.00am and 2.00pm on Bottom Pool only at £6.00 per peg (minimum £60.00) advanced booking is required
Only one rod per angler is allowed on Top, Middle and Bottom pools whilst anglers fishing the specimen and runs pools can use two rods. Anglers can move between any of the Top, Middle and Bottom pools whilst those paying to fish Specimen and Runs Pools can fish either lake.

Top Pool at Chorley Springs FisheryTop Pool

Ideal for pleasure anglers and club matches, Top Pool is the first water you come to from the main car park at Chorley Springs and holds 19 Pegs. It has a central island which is the main feature to fish to.

Top Pool is classed as an easy water to fish and high match weights are more than achieveable.

Another shot of Top Pool at Chorley Springs FisheryIdeal for fishing on either pole or waggler, Top Pool is already producing good catches whether fished close in, out in open water or up against the island. Although only relatively small, it can also be fished on the feeder.

Top Pool holds a good head and mix of fish including common, mirror, ghost and leather carp which run to 10lbs and average between 5lbs and 6lbs; tench to 6lbs and averaging 2lb 8oz, bream to 5lbs and perch to 3lbs.

Looking across Top PoolIn addition there is also a large head of crucians which are expected to provide some great summer sport as well as good stocks of roach and rudd to 3lbs, golden orfe to 2lbs, chub to 1lb and even barbel. Because the pool is fully oxygenated, good fishing is virtually guaranteed all year round.

Anglers fishing maggots or sweetcorn are advised to start fishing by feeding with a handful of hook samples and then keep baiting up with about half-a-dozen samples. However, if you are going after the bigger fish it pays to use bigger baits.

Surrounded by a shelf which runs about four feet out from the bank and is three feet deep, much of the remainder of the pool is between five and six feet deep with the shallower parts of the pool at the entrance end. However, there is a deeper hole between the track side bank and the island where up to nine feet of water can be found.

Middle Pool at Chorley Springs FisheryMiddle Pool

Ideal for pleasure and younger or less experienced anglers, Middle Pool has 16 Pegs and is classed as probably the easiest of the Chorley Springs waters to fish, making it a great pool for familes and newcomers to the sport.

Like Top Pool, Middle Pool can again be fished on either pole or waggler close in or in open water, or on the feeder.

Middle PoolMiddle Pool holds a good head and mix of fish including common, mirror, ghost and leather carp to 5lbs and averaging between 1lb 8oz and 2lbs; tench to 2lbs; bream to 3lbs; perch to 1lb 8oz; plus a large head of roach and rudd to 1lb and even the occasional goldfish!

Not as open as Top Pool with plenty of trees and shrubs around the banks, like the other coarse fish waters Middle Pool is being improved with the replacement of the former grass pegs with purpose-built block paving pegs which will ensure a firm base with good drainage in wet weather.

Middle Pool at Chorley Springs FisheryHaving a bowl shaped bottom, much of Middle Pool is between three and four deep around the edges before the bottom slopes gradually to a maximum of eight feet in the centre.

When going for the silver fish, anglers are recommended to use maggots, worm, sweetcorn or hooker pellets on fairly stout tackle, feeding little and often with samples of hook bait. If going for the carp, maggots, bread, sweetcorn and pellets are again useful baits although it is expected decent results will also be obtained with small boilies and luncheon meat.

Bottom Pool at Chorley Springs Fishery Bottom Pool

Another easy water to fish which is already throwing up good pleasure eights, Bottom Pool holds 20 Pegs and is again ideal for fishing either the pole close in or in open water or the waggler in the margins or open water. Again, some anglers are also producing good results on the feeder.

Like Top and Middle Pool, this water holds a good mix of fish including common, mirror, ghost and leather carp to double figures but averaging between 5lbs and 6lbs as well as some impressive tench which have already been caught to 6lbs but average 3lb 8oz.

Plenty of cover and open water on Bottom PoolThere are also some nice bream to 5lbs; hard-fighting perch to 3lbs; a large head of crucians; good stocks of roach and rudd to 3lbs; golden orfe to 4lbs; and chub to about 1lb. All this means that anglers never really know what they are going to catch next.

Bottom Pool has plenty of bankside cover with reeds growing in some of the margins and plenty of open water from all pegs. Being furthest away from the main car park it is also likely that Bottom Pool will be least fished of the three coarse pools, although it will be easily accessible from the Specimen Pool car park once improvement works and pathways have been completed.

Looking towards the top end of Bottom PoolBottom Pool is quite a bit deeper than the other two coarse pools. A shelf runs about three feet deep up to four feet out from the banks which then drop to about five feet before shelving gently towards the centre where some 14 feet of water can be found. The shallowest part of the pool is again at the entrance end, but all pegs are easy to fish on waggler or pole.

As with all the other Chorley Springs waters it is still early days for the fishery, so experimentation with baits and techniques should pay off. As with Top and Middle Pool, however, it is expected that maggots, worm, sweetcorn and soft hooker pellets will produce fairly consistant results for anglers targeting the silver fish.

Another shot of Bottom Pool at Chorley Springs FisheryThose after the carp, however, should scale up their tackle to be sure of being able to handle 10lb fish. Although there are no real snags in the water, hooks and lines should be strong enough to handle these.

When targeting the carp, 10mm pellets, luncheon meat, sweetcorn, bread and worm should give good results whilst giving anglers chance of hooking into some of the bigger tench and bream.

In warmer weather, floating bread and dog biscuits should also give some lively sport for those who enjoy surface fishing, although anglers are requested to keep free offerings to a minimum to avoid disturbing other anglers.

There's plenty of open water on Specimen Pool at Chorley Springs FisherySpecimen Pool

Reached by driving along the entrance track and through the first field car park, the tree-lined Specimen Pool is completely different in character from the three smaller coarse pools, being much larger and having a more irregular shape, two islands but again with plenty of features and bankside cover.

This pool is equipped with spacious golden gravel pegs, some of them doubles, which offer a choice of swims to fish to and is served by its own car park.

Specimen Pool at Chorley Springs FisheryDuring early 2010, 10 different carp over 20lbs were introduced into the water, four of them commons. The largest fish on the complex is a mirror of 27lbs. The recent stock fish are expected to grow rapidly.

Chorley Springs' stocking policy for the water will be ongoing with selected carp introduced regularly. Indeed, it is estimated that the current carp stock levels are close to 100 fish with the smallest stocked fish being just over 12lbs.

Specimen Pool at Chorley Springs FisheryThe double first peg down the steps near the entrance to the pool offers several different swim to fish including down the channels to the left and right, towards the island or out in open water in front of the peg.

By contrast, the large double peg at the far end of the pool gives access to a wide expanse of open water and the choice of fishing in front of the peg, to the island or in the bays to the left and right.

Specimen Pool at Chorley Springs FisheryIt is expected Specimen Pool will react well to all types of fishing with both modern and traditional techniques both providing good sport.

Line strengths of 10lbs and over are recommended and all anglers must have a decent sized landing net and suitable unhooking mat.

When it comes to baits, boilies, pellets and meats of various guises are all expected to work well with floating baits including dog biscuits and bread expected to take their fair share of fish in warmer weather.

Whilst Specimen Poll has an average depth of seven to nine feet, it does have an undulating bottom and there is a sandbar which runs out from the far island towards the far bank. Here the water shallows to about three feet.

The new Runs Water at Chorley Springs Fishery The New Runs Water

Opened in 2011 and stocked with a large head of low to mid double figure mirror and common carp, this water also holds a good head of decent quality silver fish. Although it is a new water it has matured quickly. Indeed, it looks as though it has been established for far longer than is actually the case with plenty of bankside vegetation and two tree-clad islands which give it bags of character. The 23 block paving pegs are well spaced and have plenty of room for bivvies or more than one day-ticket or longer stay anglers.

Another shot of the new runs waterThe pool has banks which drop steeply at 45 degrees to a bottom which shelves gradually from five feet deep at the entrance end to nine feet at the far end. However, the bottom rises steeply towards the islands where the overhanging trees provide cover for fish, giving good features to fish to. The bottom has a layer of about six inches of silt.

Although the average size of the carp is about 3lbs there are known to be a large number of fish to about 15lbs. The biggest weighed carp so far recorded stands at just over 15lb whilst several fish around a similar size have also been taken. The pool is also stuffed full of top quality roach and rudd which are being regularly caught around the 2lb mark. Add to this the bream which are being caught up to 6lbs and a lot of tench to about 4lbs and there is plenty to go at.

The new Runs Water at Chorley Springs FisheryMost anglers who fish for the carp use boilies and the water responds well to waggler and pole fishing as well as to traditional and modern carping techniques. Anglers targeting the carp on the pole are recommended to use 12 to 15 elastic to a Size 12 hook whilst waggler anglers should again fish a Size 12 hook to 5lb or 6lb line.

Other successful baits for the carp include small cubes of luncheon meat a quarter of an inch to half an inch square and sweetcorn.

Another shot of the new runs waterAnglers fishing for the silvers mostly use pole or waggler fishing lighter tackle than they would for the carp. Fishing maggot high up in the water only a foot deep has proved a very successful technique for the bigger roach and rudd when combined with feeding floating pellets whilst fishing a similar method mid-water with sweetcorn also catches the roach, rudd and carp.

Anglers after the bream and tench fish maggots, sweetcorn and small cubes of luncheon meat either on the bottom or in mid water feeding sinking feeder pellets and samples of hookbait.

How to get there...

From Lichfield: Follow the A51 towards Rugeley, turning left onto Borough Lane at the Longdon Village junction signposted Burntwood and Chorley. At the T-junction turn left follwing the lane up the hill. At the second left junction take a left turn onto Tithebarn Lane signposted 'Chorley 1 mile'. Chorley Springs Fishery is 70 Yards on the left.

From Rugley: Follow the A51 towards Lichfield, turning right onto Borough Lane at the Longdon Village junction signposted Burntwood and Chorley. At the T-junction turn left follwing the lane up the hill. At the second left junction take a left turn onto Tithebarn Lane signposted 'Chorley 1 mile'. Chorley Springs Fishery is 70 Yards on the left.

From Burntwood (Swan/Burntwood island): Head towards Chorley and the Malt Shovel pub. At the Malt Shovel junction head toward Gentleshaw and Longdon (signposted). Keep going straight down the lane until you reach a triange junction, bear to the right and Chorley Springs Fishery is 50 Yards on the Right.

From Burntwood (Sankey's Corner): Follow Rugeley Road towards Cannock Wood, turn right towards Gentleshaw at the Redmoor Pub. Follow the lane to the T-junction and turn left towards Longdon. Turn right at the second right junction onto Tithebarn Lane and Chorley Springs is 70yards on the left.

Sat Nav users: Use the Postcode WS15 4LR

Please Note that Chorley Springs is clearly signposted off Tithebarn Lane and is not located at Tithebarn Farm.

Click on the map above for more detail.

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