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Pool Four at the new Catchmore Park Fishing lakes near KingsburyDeveloped over a period of 10 years on part of a vegetable farm, Catchmore Park Fishing opened for angling in 2020 and is already proving popular with locals holding carp to over 20lbs as well as a head of tench to about 2lbs.

Open from the beginning of May until the end of October and designed to appeal to pleasure and small club match anglers, the fishery has a total of five waters on a 50 acre site which is maturing nicely. Four of the pools have central islands and young willow trees have been planted around the banks and on the islands. As a result the fishery attracts a variety of wildlife and birds including some resident swans, geese, oyster catchers and a flock of plovers.

Pool Three at the new Catchmore Park Fishing lakes near KingsburyAll the pools are surrounded by regularly mown flat grass banks which allow vehicle access and parking behind every peg as well as giving access to every peg for disabled anglers.

In building Catchmore Park, owners George and Veronica Baines have set out to provide a friendly and informal fishery which will appeal to pleasure anglers and their families as well as provide a popular and productive venue for small club matches.

The refreshment van at the entrance to Catchmore Park FishingAlthough there are few facilities, there are portable toilets at the top of the field and a mobile refreshment bar at the entrance to the fishery (left).

This serves a variety of hot and cold food and drinks and has developed a growing reputation for its curries, samosas and other eastern snacks. As part of its service, anglers can telephone through orders on 07728 543444 whilst fishing and collect from the van at their convenience.

Catchmore Park owner George Baines with Sport and Leisure's David Rance and one of the mirrorsWhilst the pools were developed progressively, they have all been designed along similar lines and hold quality fish supplied by David Rance of Sport and Leisure Fisheries. These have included various stockings of common and mirror carp between 2lbs and 3lbs which were put in four years ago and supplemented since then with additional stockings of 7lbs to 10lbs fish and more recently fish of 20lbs.

In addition to the carp, a good head of tench between 1lb and 2lbs have also been stocked over the years. Due to the size of the carp anglers are reminded that if they leave their rods unattended they risk losing them in the lakes should they have a run.

The result is an informal fishery where anglers can fish anywhere on the grass banks. There are few rules other than anglers must return all fish to the pools immediately after capture, should not use Tiger nuts or worms and should not take tins or alcohol onto the site. As with most other fisheries, keepnets and barbed hooks are not allowed and landing nets must be dry or dipped. All anglers should also use an unhooking mat to protect the fish from damage. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a lead. Ticket monies will be collected on the bank.

Opening Times

May 1 to end of October

2021 Ticket costs

Juniors under 16
£8.00 one rod - £10.00 two rods
£5.00 per rod - max two rods

Payment should be made by cash
One non-fishing spectator is allowed per angler
Junior anglers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
Day ticket fees are collected on the bank

A nice corner peg on Pool One at Catchmore Park Fishing near Sutton ColdfieldPool One

About three acres in size and capable of easily accommodating at least 20 anglers, Pool One can be found up the bank to the left of the hardcore entrance track at Catchmore Park.

As with all but one of the other pools it has a central island with a shallow ledge around the margins before the banks slope to a depth of seven to eight feet and a flat and even bottom.

There's plenty of room on Pool One at Catchmore ark FishingAlready proving one of the most popular pools at the fishery, Pool One is stocked with common and mirror carp which average between 6lbs and 8lbs but which run to 20lbs as well as plenty of smaller fish including tench to 2lbs which were stocked over 12 months ago.

Most anglers fishing Pool One use two rods, fishing a swimfeeder towards the island on one and using a pole or waggler to fish the margins with the other.

Popular baits on Pool One include maggots, luncheon meat, sweetcorn and pellets although anglers fishing a hookbait of mussels often catch a larger stamp of fish.

Looking along Pool Two at Catchmore Park Fishing near KingsburyPool Two

The first pool you come to on the right of the entrance at Catchmore Park Fishing, Pool Two is a rectangular shaped water about the size of a footabll pitch and again capable of holding at least 20 anglers.

Having no formal pegs, anglers can again fish anywhere they fancy along the grass banks and park their cars behind their chosen spot when the weather allows. An advantage of fishing the far end of Pool Two is that anglers can quickly switch from fishing a swim in Pool Two to fishing in Pool Three.

Another shot of Pool Two at Catchmore Park Fishing near KingsburyUnlike the other four pools, Pool Two does not have a central island and no young willow trees around its margins. However, as with the other pools it has a two metre wide shelf about a foot deep around the edges before the side shelve to a seven or eight feet flat and even bottom.

Stocked with a similar stamp of fish as Pool One, the most popular techniques are again to fish either pole, waggler or swimfeeder with luncheon meat, sweetcorn, maggots, pellets or mussels.

Pool Three at the new Catchmore Park Fishing lakes near KingsburyPool Three

Between three and four acres in size and again capable of easily holding 20 or more anglers who can fish from wherever they want on the grass banks, Pool Three like Pool One is another popular water at Catchmore Park Fishing with anglers fishing the end nearest the entrance being able to alternate between fishing swims on either Pool three or Pool Two.

Another shot of Pool Three at Catchmore Park Fishing lakes near Sutton ColdfieldDonought in shape with a central island, the banks are again planted with young willow trees which are maturing nicely and which now provide cover for anglers from both the fish and each other.

As with the other pools, Pool Three is stocked with a similar mix of mirror and common carp as well as tench. Many of the commons and mirrors run between 7lbs and 10lbs with fish up to 20lbs as well as a good number of smaller fish which keep anglers busy.

Once more popular techniques are to fish pole or waggler in the margins or in the channel or a feeder to the island with popular baits being luncheon meat, sweetcorn, pellets or maggots with mussels being increasingly used for the bigger fish.

Only small - but could be home to record gudgeon?Pool Four

Pool Four was the first pool to be dug at Catchmore Park and is the most established with the central island now crowned with some nicely maturing willow trees and the bankside also home to established willows.

About six acres in size it again holds more than 20 anglers comfortably with vehicle access and parking behind all the pegs.

Pool One is a delighful spot for old and young alikeBetween seven and eight feet deep in the channel, the banks taper steeply up to the island. With the trees now overhanging part of the water careful casting is needed for those fishing a swimfeeder or floating bait to the island to avoid becoming snagged in the branches.

Fishing in the channel or closer in can provide good sport, particularly during warmer evenings when the fish patrol the margins. Again, luncheon meat, sweetcorn, maggots and pellets are good baits although floating baits can be very effective when the fish are near the surface as long as the swans and geese aren't about.

Pool Five - the canal style match and pleasure pool at Catchmore Park FishingPool Five

With a central island running down the spine of the lake at about 11 metres out, Pool Five has been designed as a canal-style match and pleasure lake and is easily capable of holding 30 anglers. Although Catchmore Park doesn't host large commercial competitions, it is happy to accept bookings for smaller club matches and at seven acres in size Pool Five makes an ideal venue enabling competitors to be widely spaced out without the need to use corner pegs.

The far end of Pool Five - the canal style match and pleasure pool at Catchmore Park FishingWith a similar stock of fish as the other pools it is also a good pleasure water or practice venue for match anglers wanting to hone their skills or try out new techniques.

Stocked to similar levels as the other pools, Pool Five once again has a flat and even bottom with some seven to eight feet down the central channel and sloping banks.

However, with carp again running to 20lbs as well as a good stock of fish in the 7lbs to 10lbs range pole anglers need to use a stout elastic to make sure their kit is up to handling the bigger hard fighting fish.

Some more shots of Catchmore Park Fishing

Pool ThreePool OnePool Two

Pool ThreePool FivePool Four

How to get there...

If travelling on the M42, leave the motorway at Junction 9 and follow the signs for Kingsbury (A4097). Look out for the entrance to the fishery on the left after about one mile. For SatNav users the postcode is B76 0BY.

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