Main Lake at Broad Acres Fishery near BromsgroveBroad Acres Fishery

Broad Acres Farm
Forest Lane
B60 4HS

Tel: 07866 721141
or Pete Rice 07510 697224 after 5.30pm
or 01527 821880 (Fax/24-hour answering machine)

One of the new anglers' pods at Broad Acres Fishery

New at Broad Acres - lakeside anglers' pods

Broad Acres has installed four timber Anglers' Pods on Main Lake to provide night ticket anglers with accommodation which is a touch more luxurious than standard bivvies.

Ideal for individual anglers, couples or families, the pods are set slightly back from the waters edge and are available for hire at an introductory cost of £30.00. The pods are available from 11.00am until 10.00am the following day.

Broad Acres offers mid-week fishing tuition

Broad Acres has introduced mid-week one-to-one fishing tuition for new, novice and experienced anglers. The two hour sessions cost £10.00 for juniors under 16 and £20.00 for adults plus the cost of the day ticket. Tackle and bait will be provided for anglers who have not fished before although existing anglers should bring their own tackle and the bait they wish to use. Phone Pete Rice on 07510 697224 or Mandy Morgan on 07866 721141 for further information or to book.

Richard sets new Broad Acres record - in just three hours

Redditch angler Richard Kings set a new venue match record for Broad Acres when his all-carp bag of 315lbs 10oz from Stock Pool beat Andy Checkits' previous record of 304lb 12oz.

Richard fished bread flake over mashed bread eight inches deep down the edge to win the three-hour Friday evening Open Match. His catch of 137 carp put him ahead of second place Pete Rice with 289lbs. The third place weight was 220lbs and whilst all the other anglers had more than 100lbs none of them bothered to weigh in as they realised they were out of the running!

2021 night fishing at Broad Acres

Following the success of recent night fishing sessions at Broad Acres, the fishery is now taking bookings for sessions at a cost of £20.00. Anglers need to book in advance and can do so by telephoning 07866 721141 during normal hours or 07510 697224 after 5.30pm.

Broad Acres woos small club matches

Broad Acres is becoming increasingly popular as a venue for small club matches and there are still spaces available for 2021 and 2022.

The increase in popularity is said to be due, amongst other things, to the venue's flexible policy on pegging. Fishery owner Dave Broadbent said: "It is great to see an increasing number of small clubs coming to us for their competitions and we are constantly being told it is because we are addressing some of the issues faced when they try to book their matches at larger more commercial coarse fisheries."

Clubs interested in booking a competition at Broad Acres should telephone 07866 721141 or contact Pete Rice on 07510 697224 after 5.30pm.

Paul breaks Broad Acres carp record

Redditch builder Paul Jones has broken the Broad Acres record for the biggest fish to come out of the venue with a beautiful full-scaled common carp which weighed in at exactly 30lbs.

Paul was fishing meat on a Size 12 hook, 15lb main line and 5lb hook length from Peg 20 on Main Lake when he took the fish during an evening session.

Part of a former 80-acre beef and sheep farm, Broad Acres Fishery has been developed since the early 1990s into a four pool match and pleasure venue with its own clubhouse cafe and ladies and gents toilets. Much of the fishery is suitable for disabled anglers and there is ample car parking a short walk from the pools.

The new cafe and clubhouse at Broad Acres FisheryBroad Acres' new Lakeview Cafe (right and below left) is run by Mandy Morgan and provides a range of hot and cold food and drinks including All Day Breakfasts, a selection of burgers, hot dogs, hot and cold sandwiches, toasted snacks and confectionery.

Facilities were further improved for 2017 with the refurbishment of the ladies and gents toilets and the creation of an outside covered seating area at the cafe and the provision of a hard standing car park near Main Pool.

Main Lake at Broad Acres FisheryMain Lake (left), the original and largest of the Broad Acres waters, is well stocked with a range of carp and silver fish with the carp running to 30lbs and plenty of fish in the mid 20s now showing. These are the venue's original stock fish. Since the beginning of 2016 Main Lake is now kept purely for pleasure and carp anglers, although matches which have already been booked on the lake will be honoured.

Excavated in 1992 and opened to anglers the following year, Main Lake is a mixed pleasure and carp water where night fishing is allowed by prior arrangement. Stock Pool, which was enlarged in the late 1990s, is home to carp to 30lbs and also has a large head of silver fish.

Bill's Pool - built for the pole but a great pleasure waterThe other two waters - Charlie's Pool and Bill's Pool (right) - were both created in 1999 with help from Billy Makin who developed the highly successful Makin's Fishery at Wolvey to the north of Coventry.

Stock in both these waters were supplemented during the 2016/2017 winter with the addition of 700lbs of F1 carp between two an eigh ounces in Bill's Pool and 500lbs of F1s of a similar size in Charlie's Pool. These fish feed well in winter and will improve the year round fishing and help to improve the match fishing on both waters.

Charlie's and Bill's pools both have three islands running down their length with 11 metres of water between each island. Stocked with smaller fish than the other two waters, these are ideal for club matches and pleasure pole fishing.

Broad Acres regular John Harris who set the new match record of 126lbs in April 2005An indication of how well the match fishing can be at Broad Acres can be judged by the fact that the venue match record now stands at 315lbs 10oz. This was set by Redditch angler Richard Kings from a three-hour Friday evening Open Match on Stock Pool and beat the previous venue record set in 2016 by Andy Checkits' 304lb 12oz.

Other great Broad Acres match catches include one by John Harris (left) who had a mainly carp bag which weighed in at 126lbs. On this occasion John fed with casters and fished meat on the hook from Peg 6 on Main Lake.

As a general rule, anglers currently need more than 80lbs of fish to be in the prizes whilst those with 50lbs usually come nowhere!

Another carp comes to the net on Main LakeOver the past few years Broad Acres has held a series of pre-booked night fishing sessions on Main Lake which have proved very popular. These will again be held this year at a cost of £20.00 and anglers interested in taking part are asked to telephone 07866 721141 or contact Pete Rice on 07510 697224 after 5.30pm.

Broad Acres has also relaxed its rules on permitted baits, allowing for the first time coarse fish feeder pellets and soft hooker pellets to be used. Anglers can also purchase Broad Acres' own 'fish friendly' pellets from the on-site cafe.

Stock Pool at Broad Acres FisheryAs with many other fisheries, anglers are not allowed to use floating baits or keepnets whilst the list of permitted baits includes luncheon and flavoured meats, maggots, casters, sweetcorn, bread, cat meat, prawns and worms, as long as they are washed and do not contain peat. The only other restrictions are that anglers should use no more than 2kg of groundbait at a session and there is a maximum hook size of Size 10.

Broad Acres Fishery is operated by Broad Acres Leisure Ltd.

Bookings for 2021 and 2022 matches are now being taken. Match organisers who wish to reserve a contest at Broad Acres should telephone the fishery on 07866 721141.

2021 Ticket costs and Opening Times

Main Lake

Ticket type
All Anglers
Day (Dawn until Dusk)
£10.00 (Second rod £2.00)
Night Fishing
£20.00 (Max two rods)

Other Lakes - Day tickets

Ticket type
Day (Dawn until Dusk)
£8.00 (One rod only)
£7.00 (One rod only)
Half-day (After 3.30pm)
£6.00 (One rod only)
£6.00 (One rod only)
Please note that two rods are allowed only on Main Lake.
In summer please purchase your ticket from the Lakeview Cafe before fishing
(When this is not open fees will be collected on the bank)
Children under 12 must be accompanied
Match bookings are £8.00 per peg

Charges for whole lake hire

Stock Pool
Charlie's Lake
Bill's Lake
There is a minimum booking for half a pool - equivalent to 10 anglers. Clubs or smaller groups of anglers interested in hiring half a pool
should contact the fishery for details of availability and costs

A corner peg next to the tall dead treeMain Lake

At two acres in size, Main Lake is now kept purely for pleasure and carp anglers and offers about 45 slabbed pegs sited about 10 yards apart.

Deepest at the left hand end near the tall dead tree where between six and seven feet of water can be found, Main Lake shallows gradually to about five feet around the two islands and then to four feet at the right hand end as you come onto the fishery. Around the edges about three feet of water can generally be found, the bottom of the lake gradually shelving down to its maximum depth.

Plenty of open waterHolding common and mirror carp between 2lbs and 30lbs-plus - the largest verified to date being a 30lb fully scaled common taken by Redditch builder Paul Jones - Main Lake is also home to a large number of carp in the 10lbs to 17lbs range which make up about 60 per cent of the total fish population in the water. An increasing number of fish in the low 20s are also now being caught on Main Lake.

In addition there is a large head of bream to 6lbs and skimmers to about 3lbs, perch reputedly to 5lbs, roach to just under 2lbs and a few tench and crucians.

Looking up Main Lake towards the shallow endMost popular methods on this water are to fish the pole, waggler or swimfeeder. Pole and waggler fishing are equally effective close in or out in open water, but if you want to reach one of the two islands you will probably need to fish a swimfeeder packed with hook samples. The smaller of the two islands may only look like a tree stump sticking out of the water, but the stump actually sits on an island about two feet under the surface.

Because Main Lake now holds specimen carp, many anglers are also using modern and traditional carping techniques which are proving increasingly popular with boilies, meat, sweetcorn and bread all being productive baits.

Looking towards one of the anglers pods on Main LakeAs with many waters there is no right or wrong way to fish Main Lake and all pegs are equally popular and productive.

Fishing close in to the margin with pole or waggler are both good, particularly so in summer because there is only about three feet of water close in.

When going for the silver fish, fishing either on the bottom or up in the water, feeding little but often with hook samples, is good.

When going for the carp and bream, fishing on the bottom is obviously most productive.

Paul Jones with a nice Broad Acres commonAlthough in its early years there had been a blanket ban on pellets at Broad Acres, this has now been relaxed and anglers can now use Broad Acres' new generation of coarse fish pellets which do not contain the oils in trout pellets which are thought to cause liver problems in stillwater coarse fish. These can be obtained from the Lakeview Cafe or on the bank.

As for other baits, all kinds of meats and sweetcorn are good for the carp whilst good general baits are obviously maggots, casters, worm and bread - as long as it is not fished on the surface.

Charlie's Pool at Broad Acres Fishery - ideal for the poleCharlie's Pool

At about an acre in size, Charlie's Pool, as with Bill's Pool, was developed with the pole angler in mind having three long narrow islands, the centre one of which can be fished from, giving 11 metres to the opposite bank from most of the pegs.

With 32 well-spaced pegs - each one between 12 and 14 yards apart - the pool has banks which drop straight down to its maximum depth of four feet.

Charlie's Pool is predominantly silver fishWith plenty of bankside vegetation, Charlie's Pool is popular with pleasure anglers and for small club matches, angling clubs being able to have the whole pool to themselves if they so wish for just £140.

Stocked predominantly with silver fish and F1 carp, it holds skimmer bream, roach to 2lbs 8oz, a large head of tench to 5lbs, chub to between 4lbs and 5lbs, and some carp which go to a maximum of 12lbs including some handsome ghost carp.

Because it was designed as a match water, the pole is obviously the most popular method used with anglers fishing either close in or tight against one of the islands.

Charlie's is also a popular pleasure waterBest baits tend to include worm, maggots and casters, all of which account for plenty of fish whatever the weather or time of year, with sweetcorn and tinned meat baits such as luncheon meat, cat food or flavoured meats, popular during the summer months when this shallow pool has warmed up.

Once again there are no particular hot spots on Charlie's and the secret tends to be to attract the fish into your swim with samples of hook bait and then keep them there by feeding little and often.

Like Charlie's Pool - Bill's was built for the pole but is a good waggler waterBill's Pool

Like Charlie's, Bill's Pool was developed with input from Billy Makin and is again rectangular in shape with three central islands, giving most of the 27 pegs 11 metres of water to the opposite bank.

Once again anglers can fish from the center of the three islands and all pegs drop straight down to four feet throughout the pool.

Unlike Charlies, Bill's is extensively carpBeing the furthest water from the car park, Bill's Pool is often the quietest of the Broad Acres pools, and having more vegetation and cover than Charlie's Pool is perhaps more suited to pleasure anglers going after the common and mirror carp, the only species in the water. The bulk of the carp are in the 4lb to 6lb range but some run to 14lbs and provide lively sport when on form.

Once again Bill's is virtually an out-and-out pole water, although there is nothing to stop waggler anglers sticking with more traditional methods if they prefer. Best baits are again worm, maggots and casters with tinned meats and sweetcorn coming into their own in summer.

Bill's Pool - great for testing new techniquesAn ideal water to try out new techniques, tackle and baits, Bill's is again best fished close in to the side or close up against the far bank with regular feeding of hook samples getting the fish going and keeping them on the boil.

As with Charlie's Pool, angling clubs wanting to book the whole pool can do so at £140. Anglers who want to fish on after the match has finished can do so at no additional cost although they may be asked tomove to another pool if the water has been booked for a second match later the same day.

Fishing to one of the features on Stock Pool at Broad Acres FisheryStock Pool

Although the three-quarters-of-an-acre Stock Pool holds commons to 30lbs and mirrors to the mid-20s, it is popular with anglers of all ages and abilities, including children, because the rank and file fish are relatively easy to catch.

A total of 17 permanent slabbed pegs have been installed on Stock Pool which have improved facilities for match fishing. However, pleasure anglers can fish from anywhere around the pool, although popular spots tend to be down the far end where the island can be reached and along the entrance bank.

Stock Pool at Broad Acres FisheryIn addition to the bigger carp, Stock Pool holds a few ghosties, lots of smaller and mid-range carp between 8lbs and 14lbs, plus a large head of silver fish including skimmers, roach, bream, roach/bream hybrids and tench.

Although the bigger carp tend to be more wary and difficult to catch, specimens of between 15lbs and 18lbs are taken regularly and if you are looking for your first double this is a water to head for.

Once again, Stock Pool tends to be a water where almost anything goes with all baits from maggots to flavoured meats working well. Bread can also be a great bait but once again this should not be fished on the surface.

Stock Pool - great in hot weatherDeepest at the entrance end of the pool where about seven feet of water can be found, Stock Pool shallows gradually thoughout its length to about five feet near the island and four and three feet at the top end. Although it has a bowl-shaped bottom at the far end, the banks go straight down to the maximum depth near the entrance.

Used for small matches in winter, the pool is reserved for pleasure anglers in summer but can become busy at weekends so anglers after the bigger carp may want to go mid-week when the water is quieter.

How to get there...

Click on the map for more detailBroad Acres is just a 15 minute drive through the country from Junction 5 of the M5. After leaving the M5 follow the signs for Droitwich and make your way onto the B4090 signed Hanbury. After a few miles you will come to the Vernon Arms pub where you need to turn left, signed Bromsgrove.

Just after the Jinney Ring Craft Centre, which is on the left, turn right into Forest Lane and at the first crossroads turn right into Ditchford Bank Road. The entrance to the fishery is on the right after about 200 yards. Click on the map for more detail.

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