Looking across Arrow Valley LakeArrow Valley Lake

Arrow Valley Visitor Centre
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South Moons Moat
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Tel: 07879 624248 - John Bushell
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Changes to Arrow Valley day tickets

In an attempt to reduce illegal and unpaid for fishing on Arrow Valley Lake, the management has decided that anglers should obtain permits before fishing, either by visiting the Visitor Centre which opens at 10.00am every day, or on-line at Anglers fishing without having purchased a ticket in advance will be charged £10.00 for their permit.

The Visitor Centre at Arrow Valley LakeNearly 30 acres in size, Arrow Valley Lake is an attractive large open water offering day ticket fishing from 6.00am until dusk for common carp to 30lbs, a large head of bream to 5lb with the occasional larger fish being caught, perch to 3lbs and roach and rudd to over 1lb.

With 70 pegs to choose from and two rods allowed per angler, access to the pegs is served by four separate car parks. This ensures that anglers have no more than 200 yards to walk to any of the pegs with the majority being considerably closer.

The cafe at Arrow Valley LakeArrow Valley Lake was excavated in the early 1970s to supply clay and gravel for the development of Redditch New Town. It is now a popular amenity in the South Moons Moat district of the town with walks around the lake, a large children's play area and a modern Visitor Centre with licensed cafe which sells a range of coffee shop style food and drinks. The cafe has a balcony overlooking the lake as well as conference rooms and toilets.

In addition to the angling, Arrow Valley Lake also has its own sailing club and is home to Acorn Watersports which provides kayaking, canoeing and a climbing wall.

The cafe's balcony overlooks Arrow Valley LakeAlthough the venue reportedly suffered the loss of fish when some anglers were said to be taking their catch home for the table, this was eradicated when responsibility for the angling passed from Redditch Borough Council to the Arrow Valley Visitor Centre in June 2012.

AVVC now runs all aspects of the fishing and has introduced regular bailiffing to improve angler liaison and prevent poaching. Also, being a large water, the existing fish stocks have grown on and Arrow Valley has now returned to being a productive fishery for both carp and silver fish. Indeed, matches are usually won with weights approaching 90lbs. The match record is currently 93lbs, although this is not expected to stand for long.

Pegs near the Visitor Centre at Arrow Valley LakeIn addition to offering pleasure angling, Arrow Valley also welcomes club matches at a discounted rate of £5.00 per peg and works closely with the Redditch Federation of Anglers to hold regular open matches throughout the year and a Winter League series which attracts about 15 anglers.

Further details of the Open and Winter League matches can be obtained by telephoning John Bushell on 07879 624248.

The pegs along the dam wall at Andy's Fishing LakeAlthough the lake has a broad tarmac walkway around its one-and-a-quarter mile perimeter, there is also a narrower hardcore path close to the bankside for anglers which means they are not troubled by non-angling visitors to the lake.

To make life easier for anglers, the fishery's own website at has a pre-booking system where day tickets can be bought at a discount to the prices paid either in the Visitor Centre or on the bank on the day.

2018 Day Ticket Prices

Advance on the website
In the Visitor Centre
On the bank
Collected before 8.00am or after 6.00pm
OAPs/Under 16s/Disabled

Season Tickets: Season Tickets are available for Redditch residents at £60.00 and for non-Redditch Residents at £80.00. They are also available for Under 16s, OAPs and Registered Disabled at £40.00. Anglers under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Maximum two rods per peg and all anglers must be able to produce a valid Rod Licence on request.

Arrow Valley LakeArrow Valley Lake

Despite its size, Arrow Valley Lake has a fairly flat and even bottom with banks which gradually slope to depths of between six and eight feet. The deepest water can be found off the Shakespeare Bank from Pegs 35 to 38 where up to 10 feet of water can be found about 30 metres out.

As a result, the fishing is easy all around the lake although the most popular pegs tend to be those opposite the two islands where fish can be found throughout the year. These are Pegs 21 to 30 and 53 to 56 where fishing a method feeder towards the islands is particularly popular for the carp and bream.

The pegs along the Bluebell Bank opposite the Visitor Centre about 200 yards from the Squash Club car park is a good spot for first time visitors to try as it offers between six and eight feet of water 10 meters out from the bank and holds a good mix of fish.

Arrow Valley LakeWhilst a method feeder is popular with anglers going after the carp, boilies fished on either modern or traditional carping techniques are also a popular bait with strawberry flavoured boilies and pop-ups both having worked well over the past couple of years.

Standard 8mm to 10mm fishmeal pellets fished in combination with a feeder packed with smaller feed pellets is another good technique.

Arrow Valley LakeAlthough a lot of anglers tend to target the carp at Arrow Valley, an increasing number of anglers in 2012 also fished the lake with the pole because of the decent bags of bream, skimmer bream and roach which have been showing, making the lake a popular venue for silver fish anglers out for a pleasant day's fishing.

However, because of the size of some of the carp in Arrow Valley Lake, fishing the pole is not recommended if you are targeting the commons as they derive from wild carp and are powerful fish.

Until recently there was little bankside cover at Arrow Valley, but the planting of reeds around the water's edge has helped not only in providing increased cover for anglers put also in providing valuable breeding grounds for the silver fish which are now successfully spawning in the lake.

Arrow Valley LakeThis has particularly been the case for the bream where there have been large catches of skimmers to anglers fishing lighter tackle and whilst the average size of the common bream is between 4lbs and 5lbs it is believed the lake holds some specimens to double figures.

Anglers fishing for the carp are recommended to use 10lb line to Size 10 or 12 hooks although it can sometimes pay to fish slightly smaller to a Size 14.

When fishing for the bream lighter line strengths can be used, although many anglers still stick with 8lbs to 10lbs line for their general fishing. Good catches of bream are taken in summer on Size 14 or 16 hooks, although in winter it can pay to drop down to a Size 16, 18 or even 20.

Arrow Valley LakeFishing for the bream is good on both pole, waggler, the method feeder or open ended feeder with the most popular bream baits being small pop-up boilies or 8mm to 10mm white or red boilies. Bunches of maggots and 4mm pellets are good baits for both the mature bream and the skimmers.

An increasingly popular bait in recent months for both the carp and the bream has proved to be 10mm to 12mm discs of bread punched out from a sliced loaf with one or two discs fished on a hair rig proving most successful.

Arrow Valley LakeAlthough the roach fishing at Arrow Valley Lake is not as good as it used to be, there is still a large head of fish between 8oz and 1lb with the occasional larger specimen coming to the net. Not surprisingly these days the most popular technique when fishing for these is the pole, but the waggler is still very effective with the most popular baits being large pieces of hemp, tares, maggots and casters when fished over a bed of hemp. The same technique is also good for the rudd which are beautiful fish in pristine condition.

When fishing for the roach and rudd, a 2lb main line tied to a 1lb 8oz hook length and Size 18 to 20 hook is recommended.

Looking across to the Visitor Centre at Arrow Valley LakeWhilst few anglers tend to fish for the perch, Arrow Valley Lake holds a good head to 2lbs 8oz with the odd fish to 3lbs and over. Here again the pole and waggler are most effective with chopped worm or a bunch of red maggots on a Size 14 or 16 hook and 2lb 8oz to 3lb line being recommended.

As with fishing for the roach, if you don't catch on the bottom try coming up in the water, feeding the swim regularly with samples of hook bait to attract the fish. This technique is also good for catching rudd.

Visit Arrow Valley Lake on the Net and Facebook

Arrow Valley Lake has been quick to develop its own website where information on all the facilities at the venue as well as a photo-gallery, a list of rules, latest prices and other details are available to visitors.

One of the features of the site is an on-line booking system where anglers can pay for their fishing in advance and save money on the cost of their day tickets. The angling element of the site can be found at

Arrow Valley also has its own Facebook page. To access the page simply log into your Facebook account and search for Arrow Valley Fishing or follow this link.

How to get there...

Click on the map for a larger versionArrow Valley Lake is just a short drive from Junction 3 of the M42 motorway in the Midlands. On leaving the motorway take the A435 south towards Studley and turn right onto the A4023 Coventry Highway. At the second roundabout turn left into Battens Drive (B4497) and you will see the entrance to Arrow Valley Visitor Centre on the right a short way down here immediately after Padgets Lane which is on the left.

If coming into Redditch from the East or West, make your way onto the Warwick Highway (A4189) and turn north onto Battens Drive (B4497). You will see the entrance to Arrow Valley Visitor Centre on the left a short way up here immediately before Padgets Lane which is on the right.

Click on the map for a more detailed view.

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