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Looking down the left bank of Andy's Lake at Tretire, Herefordshire

Alan Clough with his 4lb 4oz Andy's Lake perchAlan lands a 4lb-plus stripey

Winter is traditionally regarded as the best time to go for perch, but Hereford angler Alan Clough got off to an early start when he caught this cracking 4lb 4oz perch during the last weekend of October last year... and not on a traditional predator bait.

Alan, who works as an aircraft antenna production manager, was fishing Andy's Lake for carp and packed a cage feeder with this year's ground up spare pellets on 8lb mainline to a 12" hair rig and Size 14 hook baited with two grains of sweetcorn.

His reaction on catching the fish was simply: "Greedy perch!".

Dennis Barrett with a 16lbs 2oz mirror from Andy's Fishing LakePart of a 450-acre arable farm in the middle of the countryside just a few miles from the border with Wales in Herefordshire and five miles north of Ross-on-Wye, Andy's Fishing Lake has been throwing up some amazing catches since it opened to day-ticket anglers in Spring 2005.

With pleasure catches of over 100lbs becoming commonplace and several anglers reporting they have taken over 400lbs of fish in a day, Andy's is interesting in that it must be one of the few large day-ticket venues in the UK which does not allow matches.

Andy's Fishing LakeExcavated in 2005 to supply water to a neighbouring strawberry and raspberry farm, Andy's Fishing Lake was stocked the following year with several thousand mirror and common carp, roach, bream, tench and perch - the latter having grown well and now run to over 4lbs as can be witnessed by the 4lb 4oz specimen caught by Alan Clough (see top of page) and an earlier fish which weighed in at 4lbs 8oz.

After being introduced the fish were allowed to settle over the next couple of years and were fed several tons of pellets and kibbled wheat before the lake was opened for anglers.

Andy's Lake - good for carpAnd the patient approach has certainly paid dividends. Whilst the majority of the carp were introduced at only 8oz, they are now regularly coming out between 5lbs and 6lbs whilst the bigger introductions are now over the 15lb mark with several fish just under 20lbs having bee caught.

Since opening the five-acre lake lake has developed nicely. The reeds which were planted in the fringes between one and two rod lengths out at various points around the lake are now well established and provide plenty of cover whilst the banks have been dotted with specimen trees which are being supplemented with plantings of Scots Pine and Weeping Willows. In addition, hedges will be planted around the lake to give further protection from the wind and make the lake increasingly attractive as the new planting develops.

A typical common from Andy's Fishing LakeBecause of the high quality of the water, one of the features of Andy's Fishing Lake is that all the fish are in excellent condition and even the smaller ones fight way above their weight - many anglers saying that they have had to take a rest when fishing because their arms ache.

Adults accompanying younger anglers also say they rarely get chance to fish themselves because they are too busy helping their children play and net fish!

There's plenty of cover at Andy's Fishing LakeAndy's Lake has a car park and portable toilet near the entrance gate and a rough track roadway leads to all pegs, although anglers are asked to leave their vehicles in the car park after unloading their gear.

Whilst there are few rules, anglers should use only barbless hooks and are not allowed to use keepnets. There is a maximum of two rods per angler and fishing is from dawn until dusk. They should also note that the smaller lake which adjoins Andy's Fishing Lake at the end of the right hand arm is a wildlife conservation pool and should not be fished. Ticket fees will be collected by the bailiff on the bank.

Some nice Andy's Lake carp

Fishing to the reeds can produce good resultsAndy's Fishing Lake

Andy's Fishing Lake was formed by damming two shallow V-shaped valleys which join together by what is now the dam wall, out from which about 20 feet of water can be found.

From here the water shallows with between eight and 10 feet being found where one arm runs towards the conservation wildlife pond. The shallowest water, at just four feet, is in the bay by the car park as you come onto the fishery.

Andy's LakeAlthough the deep water can be good for ledgering for the carp and bream, anglers do not need to fish much further out than a couple of rod lengths with the newly planted margin reeds already proving holding areas for the fish.

Another popular area which has already been throwing up good catches, particularly of carp, are the pegs on either bank near the causeway which separates the main lake from the wildlife conservation lake.

Here between eight and 10 feet of water can be found a couple of rod lengths out and with the causeway and several banks of reeds proving features for the fish, this is well worth a try if the pegs are not taken.

Another Andy's Lake commonPopular techniques here are fishing the pole, waggler or a surface bait in warmer weather when the carp can be seen moving around under the surface.

Whether fishing for the carp or the silver fish, pellets are a good feed and hook bait as this is what the fish were fed on for a couple of years before the lake opened for angling. As a result all species take them readily.

So far the most popular technique for fishing Andy's Lake has been with the waggler, although the pole is becoming increasingly popular with those fishing close in. However, several anglers have already had their 18s elastic snapped and several have had their top sections smashed, so it pays to beef up your tackle a bit to ensure you don't join them!

The far end of Andy's LakeWhen fishing for the carp, most anglers use a 10lb to 12lb line strength with Size 8 to 12s hook. In addition to pellet, plain yellow sweetcorn is already proving a killer bait whilst 15mm halibut pellets keep the small stuff away - although you will even pick up 2lb mirrors and commons on these. Although several regulars have tried boilies they say these are not yet readily accepted by the fish.

For anglers who opt to fish the deeper water for the carp, a good technique is to ledger with a cage feeder, packing the cage with a selection of freebies and blocking the end with small amounts of general purpose groundbait.

Looking back towards the shallow bay at Andy's LakeA feeder fished in the deeper water can also prove effective for the bream, although these have so far proved sporadic with the best catches to date having been taken on sweetcorn, pellets and red maggots.

The waggler has proved most effective so far for those anglers after the roach and rudd, which are already topping the 1lb mark and can put up an initial fight almost as good as the carp.

The bigger roach are not hook shy and will generally take a single piece of yellow sweetcorn on a Size 12 to 16 hook... two regulars have even reported catching them on a bare hook! in common with the carp they will also take a 6mm to 8mm banded pellet, bread flake or paste baits, although fishing maggots will naturally tend to attract the smaller fish.

You can park near some pegs on Andy's LakeRunning to 4lbs in weight, the tench have so far proved fairly elusive, but the best methods being straightforward waggler tactics with pellets or sweetcorn in the shallow bay by the car park.

As a general rule, unless you are heading down towards the pegs next to the causeway between Andy's and the wildlife conservation pool, fish just the other side of the reed beds or further out in the shallow bay next to the car park. Also, don't overlook fishing close in to the margins as the fish are often holding up here.

Regular feeding with groundbait or loose feeder pellets also attracts the fish quickly and holds them in your swim whilst those anglers who fancy surface fishing should use bread, dog biscuits or floater pellets.

How to get there...

Click on the map for a larger versionAndy's Fishing Lake is near the English border with South Wales. Travelling from the M5, follow the motorway to its junction with the M50 and then follow this to Junction 4. On leaving the motorway, take the first exit onto the A40, signposted Ross-on-Wye and Monmouth.

After about two miles take the fourth exit off the A40 at the big roundabout and head onto the A49 signposted Hereford. After passing the Penethley Nurseries and Hotel, you will see the A4137 coming in from the left from Symonds Yat. Stay on the A40 and turn left at the next crossroads signed for Orcop (if you come to Harewood End you have gone too far). Follow this road for about a mile and you will come to a small crossroads signed Tretire and Pencoyd. Go straight on for a further half mile and you will see the entrance to Andy's Fishing Lake on the right.

Travelling south from Hereford, head out of the city on the A40 Ross on Wye road and travel through Much Birch and Harewood End. After leaving Harewood End keep uyour eyes open for the sign for Orcop on the right. Follow this road for about a mile and you will come to a small crossroads signed Tretire and Pencoyd. Go straight on for a further half mile and you will see the entrance to Andy's Fishing Lake on the right.

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