Anchor Meadow offers great varietyAnchor Meadow

Anchor Lane
near Evesham
WR11 8PA

Tel: 01386 48065

Craig Gratton with his 13lb Anchor Meadow barbelThis was Craig's smallest!

Fishing with his father in mid-October, 30-years-old Craig Gratton from Connahs Quay in north Wales landed four barbel which came in at 13lbs, 11lbs, 8lbs and 7lbs. All the fish were taken whilst fishing the point at the downstream end of island.

The biggest fish fell to 10mm squid boilie whilst the remainder came on meat. Craig's dad finished the session with a 6lb barbel which was also taken on meat.

Leigh Eastwood with his 15lb Anchor Meadow pikeSimon Eastwood with his 5lb Anchor Meadow chub

Simon Eastwood: "I just wanted to share these pictures from our fishing trips. First time my brother Leigh and I visited Anchor Meadow we fished Peg 2 through the night. Leigh caught a 15lb pike using fresh mackerel.

On our second visit, again fishing through the night on Peg 2, I caught a lovely 5lb chub on luncheon meat. We caught other chub but these where the best catches from each session."

  14lb Anchor Meadow barbel Kev Melia: Returned to Anchor Meadow to try for the elusive barbel. Fished two full days into night from August 24-27 and overnight on August 30-31. Got to say I struggled. Bites were few and far between and I ran the whole gamut of baits. Finally, just after midnight on 31st on the downstream point no twitch, just the whir of my freespool and 10 minutes later my patience was rewarded with this 14lb 2oz beauty. Then nothing until 8.00am when I packed up. I feel I fished well but couldn't buy another bite of any type. Strange sessions that I can only put down to the weather. Will be back later in the year.

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