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Work nears completion on House Pool at Alverchurch Fisheries
New look House Pool opens

Work has been completed on quadrupling the size of House Pool which has transformed it into a new two-and-a-half acre mixed fishery reserved for pleasure anglers with 35 pegs.

Opened in April 2016, the pool has been stocked with a good range of fish including carp to 24lbs and tench to 6lbs 8oz. See further down the page for more information and photographs.

Anglers are asked to note that to prevent the import of disease from other fisheries, no nets, weigh slings or stink bags are allowed on the fishery. All landing nets are supplied for pleasure anglers and landing nets and keepnets for match anglers. Also, since the closure of Arrow Specimen Pool, night fishing is no longer available at Alvechurch.

The new clubhouse at Alvechurch FisheriesA well established and popular fishery which closed down for several years after the previous owners sold the neighbouring house and land, Alvechurch Fishery re-opened in 2009 under new ownership and is undergoing massive changes which are transforming it into one of the Midlands leading pleasure and match venues.

Typical of the improvements which have been made was the completion in summer 2010 of a new clubhouse and tackle shop for anglers (left). Serving a variety of hot and cold food and drinks, the clubhouse is also equipped with a large screen digital television whilst the takleshop is stocking a growing range of tackle, clothing and baits. Follow this link to see more pictures of the clubhouse and tackle shop.

Fishing the new Canal Pool at Alverchurch FisheriesFishing is now under way on the new Canal Match Pool which has matured very quickly and is consistently throwing up good weights.

In addition, House Pool has been greatly extended (see panel above) and planning permission has been received for the building of a new 10.5 acre big carp runs water which will be developed along the lines of Linear Fisheries and stocked with specimens to the mid-30s.

A corner peg on Horseshoe Lake at Alvechurch FisheriesHorseshoe Lake, the first water you come to after leaving the large resurfaced car park, targets both match and pleasure anglers; House Pool has been developed specifically for pleasure anglers; and Arrow Pool is being turned into a 15-peg match water suitable for small clubs which don't want to book half a lake. The small Harry's Pool has been retained as a practice/childrens' pool.

Other work has included emptying all the pools, clearing out years of silt, removing intrusive bankside trees and shrubs, widening and improving the banks, building new pathways and bridges to House, Canal and Arrow pools, installing new pegs, landscaping the site and re-stocking the pools with new and existing fish.

Another nice Alvechurch carpIn a move to attract new anglers into the sport, Alvechurch has become one of the few fisheries to offer not only help and advice on fishing but also a tackle hire service where, for £10.00 non-anglers or those new to the sport can hire everything they need for a day's fishing - including half a pint of maggots!

For match anglers, Alvechurch stages regular 20-peg Saturday and Thursday Open Matches during the summer and winter which are well supported whilst clubs can book pegs on Horseshoe Lake or the new Canal Pool for their own club matches and combine these with breakfasts or other meals in the cafe.

House Pool at Alvechurch FisheriesIn addition, work has been completed on clearing out, restocking and building new pegs on Harry's Pool, the small pool next to the bridge leading to House Pool whilst regular coaching days are now being held in conjunction with Angling Unlimited for anglers new to the sport or looking to improve their technique. Further details on these courses can be obtained from the fishery.

Anglers are asked to note that luncheon meat should now be used only on the hook and should not be loose fed into swims.

2016 angling ticket costs

Ticket type
Day Tickets
Half-day ticket (after 2.00pm summer)

Nets must not be taken onto the fishery - landing nets are provided by the fishery
Concessions includes Juniors under 16, the over 65s and disabled badge holders
Juniors must be accompanied by an adult.
The fishery is open from 7.30am until dusk in summer and 8.00am until dusk in winter.

Horseshoe Lake at Alvechurch FisheriesHorseshoe Lake

The first water you come to when leaving the large car park at Alvechurch Fisheries, Horseshoe Lake is an acre and a half in size and has 36 new purpose-built wooden platform pegs. With flat even banks, it is suitable for disabled anglers.

The sides on Horseshoe shelve away giving two feet of water in the margins and an average depth further out of between four and six feet. The lake has a flat even bottom whilst on the banks there are irises, reeds and overhanging trees around much of the lake which provides cover for anglers from the fish and from each other.

The bay at the far end of Horseshoe LakeOne of the main features of Horseshoe Lake is the long central island. This was formerly a long wide penninsula jutting out into the lake which provided several pegs from which anglers could fish. The penninsula was made thinner and severed from the car park bank to turn it into a smaller island. Although this has resulted in the number of available pegs being reduced, it has increased the amount of water available to fish and greatly improved the look of the lake.

At the far end of the lake is an attractive large bay (right) where there is plenty of open water.

There's plenty of open water on Horseshoe LakeBecause it is Alvechurch's main match water, Horseshoe is stocked with a good range of mid-sized fish including roach, rudd and crucians to about 1lb; skimmers to 2lbs; bream averaging between 3lbs and 4lbs but running to 7lbs; tench to 4lbs but averaging about 1lb 8oz; chub and ide to 3lbs and a small head of hard fighting barbel between 4lbs and 7lbs which are well worth catching.

For those interested in carp, Horseshoe has been stocked with 600 fish between 4lbs and 10lbs which give exciting sport when taken on light tackle. Although the carp are predominantly mirrors and commons, there are about a dozen ghost carp.

A good Horseshoe match bagThe most popular method for fishing Horseshoe Lake seems to be on the pole in the margins.

When targeting the carp, most anglers on the pole use an 18 or 20 elastic and size 12 or 14 hook with either soft hooker pellets, paste, luncheon meat or sweetcorn fished over a bed of small feeder pellets. Those after the silver fish opt for a lighter rig of 8 to 10 elastic and 16s hook with double maggot as bait, again fished over a bed of feeder pellets.

A peg near the entrance to Horseshoe Lake at Alvechurch FisheriesThe waggler also accounts for a lot of fish both in the margins and up against the island whilst those going to the island also use the open ended feeder packed with maggots, blocking the end of the feeder with paste and fishing two or three magoots on the hook.

Although Horseshoe is classed as an out and out match water because of the size of fish it holds, it is popular with pleasure anglers and offers a variety of attractive swims with the opportunity to catch decent bags of fish at a sitting.

The new Canal Match Pool at Alvechurch FisheriesNew Canal Match Pool

The new 25-peg Canal Match Pool opened for angling in spring 2015 and is already regularly throwing up match winning weights of between 100lbs and 150lbs.

Constructed using laser measuring equipment to ensure all pegs present uniform swims where anglers will have an equal chance of catching, there is a four feet wide shelf two feet deep which runs all around the edge of the lake before the sides drop to a six feet deep uniform channel.

The new Canal Match Pool at Alvechurch FisheriesA similar shelf runs all around the 130 yard long central island which has been constructed 13 metres from each peg.

Canal Pool has been stocked with 25,000 fish including 10,000 carp which are already weighing in between 2lbs and 4lbs plus 15,000 chub, barbel, roach, skimmer bream and ide.

The most popular technique so far has been to pole fish 6mm banded pellets whilst feeding 4mm pellets although fishing maggots is pulling in 60lb to 70lb bags of ide.

The revamped House Pool at Alvechurch FisheriesHouse Pool

Re-opened for fishing in April 2016 and reserved for pleasure anglers, House Pool has been quadrupled in size to privide some 35 pegs.

With three islands to fish to, the pool has a two feet wide, two feet deep shelf running around the edge which then drops gradually to a bowl shaped bottom with a maximum depth of 10 feet. There are no shelves aorund the island which have banks which taper to the bottom.

The revamped House Pool at Alvechurch FisheriesHouse Pool has been stocked with the fish from the former Arrow Specimen Pool, which has been closed for the 2016 season so that it can be converted into a match pool ideal for small club matches.

This means that it now holds common, mirror and ghost carp to 24lbs as well as tench to 6lbs 8oz, bream and barbel to 4lbs, roach to 2lbs, perch to 1lb 6oz and rudd to 1lb.

Although surface fishing is not allowed, good results are being obtained by anglers using the zig-rig which allows baits to be adjusted until anglers find the depth where the fish are feeding.

A nice Alvechurch mirror carp - this one about 14lbsAll techniques seem to work well on House Pool with pole anglers catching well at about eight metres on pellets whilst rod and line anglers are catching decent carp on boilies, particularly 10mm and 15mm Mainline Essential cell boilies which have proved so successful that they are now being stocked in the on-site tackle shop. Because of the good number of decent sized carp in House Pool, anglers are allowed to use two rods.

A significant feature on House Pool is the construction of three large disabled platforms, each of which will cater for up to four anglers, which will make the pool ideal for disabled groups once they are finished.

Arrow Pool

Until 2016 Arrow Pool was Alvechurch Fisheries' specimen water. When the owners took over the fishery, Arrow had been left to its own devices and become overgrown with bankside trees and vegetation. However, the pool was fully restored and improved with the opening of swims and construction of decent sized bark-chip pegs to make the water fishable once again.

However, problems with anglers fishing overnight has resulted in the water being closed for specimen fishing and it is now in the process of being converted into a 15-peg match water suitable for small club matches. It is expected the pool will reopen in 2017 once bank clearance and cleaning work has been carried out and the pool restocked with carp and carp hybrids, ide, chub and barbel.

A long thin linear lake about an acre and a half in size, it has plenty of trees and shrubs on the far bank which means that fishing will again be allowed only from one side. With a flat and even bottom, it has depths which currently vary from between two to six feet at the entrance end dropping to 10 feet at the far end.

Harry's Pool undergoing restoration at Alvechurch FisheriesHarry's Pool

By far the smallest of the Alvechurch Fisheries waters, Harry's Pool has always been used as a children's starter pool having only nine pegs and being about five feet deep throughout with a flat even bottom which makes it easy to fish.

All the pegs on Harry's have been replaced, the bottom cleared of silt and the pool refilled and stocked with a mix of smaller fish including commons, mirrors and koi carp averaging 3lbs to 4lbs but running to 7lbs; some brown fantail goldfish to about 1lb which are interesting to catch; tench to about 2lbs 8oz and roach, rudd and perch around the 8oz mark.

Another shot of the drained down Harry's PoolBecause of its size and depth, Harry's is both a waggler and pole water which will appeal to younger anglers taking up the sport who want experience of catching plenty of fish. It is also used by Alvechurch Fisheries staff for tuition and as a practice pool for inexperienced anglers.

Surrounded by trees and shrubs, Harry's has always been an attractive little water which has been further enhanced by the recent restoration programme.

Alvechurch's new website
Visit Alvechurch Fisheries on the Net

Alvechurch Fisheries has launched its own website where latest news and information on the fishery is available to visitors. The site can be found at:

Alvechurch Fisheries also has its own Facebook page. To access the page simply log into your Facebook account and search for Alvechurch Fisheries.

How to get there...

Click on the map for more detailAlvechurch Fisheries can be found between Birmingham and Redditch at Barnt Green and is an easy drive from Junction 2 of the M42 motorway in the Midlands.

On leaving the motorway, take the A441 following the signs for Birmingham and at the first roundabout just after the Hopwood sign turn left onto the B4120 signed Alvechurch/Barnt Green. Turn right at the next roundabout into Bittell Road (still the B4120) and the entrance to the fishery will be see on the right after about two tenths of a mile. Park in the car park and obtain your ticket from the office round to the left.

Please note that Alvechurch Fisheries is to the right of Bittell Reservoir on the attached map, the entrance being near the B4120 marker on the map.

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