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Broad Acres - the match friendly venueLuxury lodges and great carp by Fenn Wright
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It's time to buy your new 2018 rod licence

The new 2018 Environment Agency rod licence

The 2017/2018 Environment Agency rod licence expired on March 31 - so its time to buy your new licence if you plan to go fishing. Once again the fishing licence pictures for the coming year are by David Miller. Unlike previous years, annual licences are now valid for a year from the chosen start date and can cover either two or three rods. Anglers can buy their new licence by Following this link.

Mill Farm Fishery re-opens after winter break

Pulborough's Mill Farm Fishery in West Sussex, home of the UK's silver bream record, has reopened after its annual rest. The fishery closes on New Year's Day each year to give the fishery a rest and to allow maintenance work to be carried out. Anglers are also asked to note that they should use the postcode RH20 1NL when visiting the fishery. This will take them to a shop about 200 yards from the entrance to the fishery.

Baden Hall to host two-day carp competition

From May 18 to 20 Baden Hall will be hosting a carp fishing competition which will combine a fantastic opportunity to get in some quality fishing with a chance of winning a top prize of £1,500. There will also be a second place prize of £500 and a third place prize of £250. Follow this link for further details.

Phil's 'calmer' option lands him an 11lb barbel and 5lb chub

The decision by a self-employed Oldbury angler to fish the calmer and deeper water off the Meadow rather than the more popular Island pegs at Anchor Meadow on the River Avon paid off handsomely when he landed this 11lb 8oz barbel (left) and a chub which tipped the scales at 5lb 4oz. Follow this link to find out how he did it.

Recent addition - head down south for coarse fishing in Devon...

Nestling in the picturesque Culm Valley in glorious Devonshire countryside, West Pitt Farm Fishery has two pools for day ticket fishing plus two holiday lodges which will be available for 2018 and which can be booked now. Since the fishery was taken over by new owners in June last year a great deal of work has been done on improving the lakes which now offer carp to 22lbs, large numbers of which are in the 3lb to 7lb range, tench to 7lbs, crucian carp and perch to 2lbs plus decent sized roach and rudd. on Facebook - come and like us has its own Facebook page where anglers can post photos, stories and comments on their latest angling antics. Why not share your latest catch or leave a message by following this link or clicking on the Facebook logo to the left. See you there!

Latest updates

Butlers Hill - Warks/Oxon
Kingfisher Lake - Hereford
Coombe Pool - West Midlands
Milton Pools - Oxfordshire
Angel of North - Co Durham
Hopsford Hall - Warwickshire
Peatling Pools - Leics
Peatling Match Lakes - Leics
Heyford Fishery - Northants
Lakeside Fishery - Leics
Lanny's Lagoon - Warwks
Furnace Mill - Worcestershire
Three Island - Beds
Birch House - Derbyshire
Pipehill Fisheries - Staffs
Alvechurch - West Midlands
Kingsbury Water Park - Warks
News bites...

Between April and May 2018, anglers can fish Butlers Hill on the Warwickshire/Oxfordshire border for 24 hours at a discounted price of £12.00 instead of £18.00 for adults and £15.00 for OAPs and Juniors.

In common with an increasing number of fisheries, Staffordshire's Pipehill Fisheries has banned the taking of stink bags onto the site in a move to prevent the spread of disease.

Derbyshire's Birch House Lakes has relaxed its regulations on the use of keepnets. Having banned pleasure anglers from using them completely last year, the fishery is now allowing them to be used on Buzzard, Mallard and Teal lakes. The fishery has also increased the cost of match pegs from £6.50 to £7.00.

Trust supports rivers initiative

The Angling Trust is supporting the Living Rivers Europe initiative, launched by the European Anglers Alliance, WWF, European Environmental Bureau, European Rivers Network and Wetlands International.

Living Rivers Europe has published a policy document that sets out a vision of healthy river systems flourishing with wildlife to the benefit of society, the economy and sustainable development in Europe. The initiative is said to be particularly important in the UK in light of the plan to leave the European Union.

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With over 120 featured fisheries and more in the pipeline it is no longer becoming practical simply to list them all in alphabetical order.

As a result, we have introduced this searchable map which will take you to a sub-index of fisheries in each specific region of the UK.

To find a list of fisheries listed just move your cursor over the relevant area of the UK and click to follow the link. At the bottom of each sub-index you will find a link which will bring you back to our homepage.

Below are links to over 120 day-ticket, pleasure, match and holiday coarse and game angling venues which offer fishing on over 500 different lakes, pools and stretches of river. Because anglers like to see as well as read about waters they may want to fish, the site is photo-intensive.

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Links to fisheries in England and Wales

A12 Cuton Lakes - Essex
Alcott Farm - Worcestershire
Alderneuk Fishery - Dumfries
Alvechurch Fisheries - West Midlands
Anchor Meadow - Warwks Avon
Andy's Fishing Lake - Herefordshire
Angel of the North - Co. Durham
Arrow Valley Lake - West Midlands
Astwood Fishery - Worcestershire
Avalon Fisheries - Somerset
Avington Trout Fishery - Hampshire
Baden Hall - Eccleshall, Staffs
Bake Lakes - Cornwall
Beaver Fishery - Surrey
Birch House Lakes - Derbyshire
Blake Hall Fisheries - Staffs
Bluebell Lakes - Northants
Blythe Waters - West Midlands
Boddington Reservoir - Northants
Bolingey Lakes - Cornwall
Boyce Holiday Park - Worcs
Brickhill Farm Fishery - Northants
Broad Acres Fishery - Worcs
Bury Hill Fisheries - Surrey
Bussells Farm - Devon
Butlers Hill - Warks/Oxon
Charlecombe Fishery - Devon
Chequered Lake - Shropshire
Chester Lakes Fishery - Cheshire
Chorley Springs - Staffordshire
Cider Farm Lakes - Somerset
Clattercote Reservoir - Oxfordshire
Clivey Ponds Fishery - Wiltshire
Coking Farm Fishery - Dorset
Coombe Pool - West Midlands
Coombe Water Fishery - Devon
Coppice Lane Pools - Staffs
Cottington Lakes - Kent
Cuckoo's Rest Fishery - Wiltshire
Culdrain Trout Loch - Dumfries
Dave's Pool - Leicestershire
Drayton Reservoir - Northants
Earlswood Lakes - West Midlands
Eden Vale Lake - Wiltshire
Emperor Lakes Fishery - Devon
Evesbatch Fisheries - Herefordshire
Fairwood Lakes - Wiltshire
Fennes Fisheries - Essex
Fisherwick Lakes - Staffordshire
Four Ponds Fishery - Devon
Furnace Lakes - West Sussex
Furnace Mill - Worcestershire
Ginger Hill - South Wales
Greenhill Fishery - Dumfries
Hampton Springs Fishery - Cheshire
Hamstall Pleasure Fishery - Staffs
Hawford Bridge Fishery - Worcs
Heyford Fishery - Northamptonshire
Highway Farm Fishery - Dorset
Hillview Lakes - Gloucestershire
Hopsford Hall - Warwickshire
Jersey Wood Fishery - Warwickshire

Kingfisher Trout Lake - Hereford
Kingston Fishing Pools - Warks
Kingsbury Water Park - Warwickshire
Lakeside Fishery - Leicestershire
Lanny's Lagoon - Warwickshire
Little Fishery Farm - Leicestershire
Little Pit Fishery - Leicestershire
Llandyfan Fishing Park - South Wales
Lower Broadheath - Worcestershire
Lyons Gate Fishery - Dorset
Meadowlands - West Midlands
Mill Farm Fishery - West Sussex
Milton Pools - Oxfordshire
Modder Pool - West Midlands
Monk Lakes - Kent
Naseby Reservoir - Northants
New Barn Farm - Devon
New Farm Fishery - Cheshire
Nine Oaks Angling Centre - Wales
Oakham Farm - Warwickshire
Oham Lakes - Lincolnshire
Packington Somers - West Midlands
Passies Ponds - West Sussex
Patshull Park - Shropshire
Peatling Pools - Leicestershire
Peatling Match Lakes - Leics
Pipehill Fisheries - Staffordshire
Pool House Farm - Staffordshire
Pridewood Hops - Herefordshire
Revels Fishery - Dorset
The Riddings - Warwickshire
River Arrow (Studley AS) - Warwks
Rood Ashton Fishery - Wiltshire
Rookley Country Park - Isle of Wight
Ryton Pool - West Midlands
Seven Meadows - Warwickshire Avon
Snowland Fisheries - Cornwall
Spring Rock Fishery - mid Wales
Springwood Fishery - Kent
Stockton Reservoir - Warwickshire
Stone End Farm - Gloucestershire
Stones Fishery - Kent
Summerhayes Fisheries - Somerset
Sumners Ponds - West Sussex
Temple Farm - Leicestershire
The Sedges Fishery - Somerset
Three Island Lake - Bedfordshire
Todber Manor Fishery - Dorset
Tring Reservoirs - Hertfordshire
Trinity Waters - Somerset
Twyford Farm - Worcestershire
Viaduct Fishery - Somerset
Wapperwell Pond Fishery - Devon
Watersmeet - Gloucestershire
Weston Lawns - Warwickshire
West Pitt Farm Fishery - Devon
Whetstone Gorse - Leicestershire
White Springs Lakes - South Wales
Wildmoor Waters - Gloucestershire
Willow Farm Fishery - Worcestershire
Witherington Farm Fishery - Wiltshire
Woodlands Fishery - Lincolnshire
Woods Farm - West Midlands

Match-only venues

Peatling Match Lakes - Leicestershire

Flight Match Lake - West Midlands

Venues which offer Trout Fishing

Alderneuk Fishery - Dumfries
Avington Trout Fishery - Hampshire
Culdrain Trout Loch - Dumfries
Ginger Hill - South Wales

Greenhill Fishery - Dumfries
Kingfisher Trout Lake - Herefordshire
Nine Oaks Fishery - West Wales
Patshull Park - Shropshire

Angling holidays, breaks and accommodation

Details of British Rod-caught Record Fish

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